How to Pack for Cold Weather Like a Boss

Pack for Cold Weather Like a Boss

So you’re heading to a colder destination for your holiday where rain is common, the wind is high and the snow is falling. Cold weather can be a nice change for those who live in the constant sunshine, but it’s a lot harder to pack for. The clothes take up way more space in your suitcase then you hope, and you need to make sure that you have enough layers so that you’ll actually stay warm in the chilly weather.

Here are some tips to help you pack for the cold weather like a boss.

  1. Don’t Overpack Outerwear

Outerwear will keep you warm during the cold weather, but it’ll also take up the most space in your suitcase – so you need to make sure that you pack wisely. Depending on how long you’re going on holiday for, one to two outer jackets will be more than enough for your holiday.

For tops (including jumpers), limit it to 3 items for every jacket that you’re bringing. If you’re doing a snow activity like skiing or snowboarding then limit yourself to one of every piece of outerwear that you will need for your ski and snow trip.

Stock up on thermals and leggings that can be worn under your pants. These are the items that will keep you the warmest and take up very little space in your suitcase. Find good quality thermals at ski gear stores.

  1. Utilize Other Storage

When you’re packing large pieces of clothing and big boots which take up a lot of space in suitcases, try and find ways to utilise them as extra storage for other things. Try stuffing your boots with socks to save space and prevent dents in your shoes, or place thin pieces of clothing or fragile items between the folds of big coats in order to provide cushioning.

If your packing snow gear, ski boot bags like the Salomon Extended Gear Boot Bag have extra pockets that you can place your gloves and other accessories into. Some ski boot bags are even big enough that you can store clothing items and ski pants into them, saving extra space.

  1. Roll Your Clothes

An age old tip is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will allow for your clothes to be more tightly packed in your suitcase and will provide extra cushioning for any valuables you wedge between your items.

  1. Wear Your Bulky Items

An extra space saver would be to wear your bulky clothing items onto the plane. This leaves extra space in your suitcase, helping you to pack lighter. Not only this, but bring along bags that can be used for more than one purpose. The Douchebag Hugger 60L Boot Bag is a ski boot bag that comes in the shape of a backpack, meaning you can store ski boots separately and treat it as a carry on.

With these tips you’ll be well equipped to handle everything the cold throws at you!