Pack Your Suitcases And Book Your Tickets While You’re Business Travel Planner Takes Care Of The Rest

People investing in businesses are becoming more and more common.  Once you understand the advantages of having a personal business, you would want to invest in it as well. If you are off to a business trip with absolutely no clue what the place looks like? Nowadays that is certainly not an issue. All you have to do is hire a Business Travel Planner to take care of the rest.

Who is a Business Travel Planner?

Do you know who a “Planner Concierge” is and what do they do? That is also referred to as a business travel planner. They take care of all the travel arrangements that you require. A specialist Business Travel Planner will make a customized plan according to the trip and what you will be doing. The procedure involves considering the most popular to the most minimal and minute details.

This might seem like an easy task but a true professional Business Travel Planner with years of experience in the industry is capable of arranging a perfect trip for you. They get time to know you and discuss the budget for your upcoming business trip. Add the budget and demand of your Business Travel Planner on the agenda.

In business trips and tours, the Business Travel Planner keeps a track of all your commitments and maintains a formal meeting agenda template. All of this and full maintenance of your security and making sure that you don’t get lost or stuck in an inappropriate location is one of the top priorities of a Business Travel Planner.

Do not confuse them with a travel agent as a travel agent only sells you a vacation, cruise or books you a hotel on your upcoming trip.

Advantages of hiring a Business Travel Planner

Investing in a company to provide you with a Business Travel Planner comes with a set of advantages:

  • They handle the hassle of keeping your agenda and plans in order while you can focus on the major purpose of the business trip.
  • They can help you get good deals from restaurants and hotels if you do not have a residence in the area you are expecting to travel to.
  • A Business Travel Planner is obliged to provide security to his client.’
  • Learn about the major pros and cons of the area and also make the trip worthwhile as they have a lot of experience in the place you are heading to.

What you should do?

Before you hire a Business Travel Planner to head out with you on your next trip, it is important to have a word with the company and the planner before booking

Here is a method of what you should be doing:

  • Set a budget. Any investment in a service or product must be done with a budget. Going overboard with the expenses can cause problems in cost management.
  • Conduct market research and look for companies that fall under the budget that you have set for hiring a Business Travel Planner. Look for a company that has good reviews and falls under the budget that you have set.
  • Have a face to face or telephonic meeting with the company and the Business Travel Planner that will be working for you on your business trip. It is important to understand the mindset of the person and his understanding of the field before you hire him for the services.
  • After you have invested in the service it is important that you explain all aspects of your trip and confirm confidentiality from the company as they will be a part of you and your work. Best travel management companies even sign a dated contract among the two parties to avoid any convenience.
  • Allow the Business Travel Planner to understand what the trip is about and what his sole responsibilities will be. You don’t want any short notice issues just because your help does not know what to do.
  • Discuss how he will be impacting your trip. If you think it is worth your time and money only then go for the investment. If not, you always have the option to plan it yourself.

Best Company to provide you with a Business Travel Planner

We are one of the most experienced and “in-demand” travel management companies in North America. Our privately-owned company has spread across the states and more just because of our focus, business techniques and leadership skills. At Adelman, we are devoted to providing our clients with VIP concierge services according to the demand. We make sure that while you have a tiring ravel, your landing is comfortable and hassle-free.


Variety of packages allows clients to choose a package that meets their requirements and demands. Standard packages include:

  • Adelman Advantage Package
  • Adelman Unique VIP Corporate Travel Package

Unique Services

We value the concerns of our clients that is why we offer a set number of unique services that will compel you to hire Adelman Business Travel Planners.

  • Translational Services
  • Meet and Greet at the Airport
  • Security Services
  • Charter Jets Service if you are feeling fancy
  • Reservations

You can contact our offices that are spread across North America. Our operators will certainly be more than happy to guide you through our procedures and help you in making a booking.


From this article, it is very clear that you are at an advantage if your budget allows you to hire a Business Travel Planner. The question is; do you need one? If you need someone to manage your agenda and account on your behalf, then it is an extremely feasible option. But if not we recommend you to go for the best possible option. Make sure that you confirm all aspects of this service before you hire it. Adelman services are spread across North America and with time they have been able to prove their work. Make sure that you go with a sensible decision.