Best Atlanta Attractions And Landmarks With A Historical Impact

Call it Atlanta; The ATL, Hotlanta or the A-town, this famous capital – the birthplace of civil rights in the USA comes popping in your mind. What we know about Atlanta is that the city’s extreme weather cycle. Those scorching hot summers, sharp chill winters.

  Despite the weather cycles, Atlanta knows what to offer its visitors. Unlike most U.S states this place comes with a history.  Let’s have a look at the Best Atlanta Attractions who are a must-visit during a trip.

Importance of Atlanta

Atlanta was founded in 1836 as a railway center for the famous state of Georgia. Because of its location, Atlanta has also played an extremely important role in the American civil war. The prime location of Atlanta allowed it to be laid as a foundation for military operations and commercial use.

Summary of the Famous Civil War

In case you are not aware of why the civil war was fought, keep on reading! It was a war between the Northern and Southern states of the mighty USA when slavery and racism were becoming common. The population of Atlanta then was around 3000 but with a giant figure of 500 slaves.

So the 11 southern states walked out of the “Union” because there was a disagreement on the issue of slavery from a very long time. Since slavery was mainly based in the Southern region, they finally decided to take a stand.

What else?

Atlanta is home to some of the famous personalities of US. Many journalists, novelists, actors, directors and comedians have evolved into celebrities. With literacy rate of 99.8%, there is no doubt that Atlanta has a rich history in the people are civilized enough to understand that. Activists like Martin Luther King Jr are major proof of that. The concept of non-discriminated America started in Atlanta.

Let’s jump to the Best Atlanta Attractions that will make your History trip Worthwhile!

  • Atlanta History Center

Atlanta history centre was found in 1926. It covers a massive area of 33-acres covering almost all aspects of the history of Atlanta. There are lectures and programs with award-winning authors. They also exhibitions based on the famous civil war, folk art of the Southern region of America as well as an entire wing that is dedicated to the centennial Olympic games of 1996. The Atlanta History Center holds significant importance in the world of journalism and media as famous Margret Mitchell house is operated here.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Park

We all know about Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions to ending slavery in the USA. He was a Baptist and a political spokesperson during the era of the civil rights movement. Luther was assassinated in 1968 but Atlanta possesses a lot of his memories in this famous park making it one of the Best Atlanta Attractions.

The park comprises of King’s childhood house as well as a church called Ebenezer Baptist Church. This is the church where Martin and his father were baptized and served the church as pastors. A museum that incorporates the history of the civil rights movement is also within the premises of this park. Learn a lot about native and vintage American history at this park without a drop of boredom.

  • National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Introduce yourself and your children to the heroes of real life. This famous museum is a tribute to the heroes of American history who have participated in the civil rights movement and dedicated their lives to fight for the Americans suffering and being oppressed.  This is just one part of it. The other part comprises a strong focus on humanitarian causes and rights for humans around the world. Indeed a perfect fit in the list of the Best Atlanta Attractions  with a great learning procedure.

  • Stone Mountain Park

Based on 3200 acres of natural beauty, this scenic landmark is one of the most popular attractions in Atlanta, Georgia. This park has activities for people of all ages whether old or toddlers. If you want to stay in, there are also resorts with the first-class service.  Would you miss an exciting yet breathtaking view like this? I wouldn’t for the world!

  • Coca-Cola World

Visit the Coca-Cola world in Atlanta and enjoy the purest form of the heavenly coke and how it was invented. Billions of people around the world are familiar with the heavenly coke and this drink has become a part of life for an average human. At Coca Cola world, they offer drinks from various parts of the world. Enjoy the emotional 7-minute video of people around the world having the best moment of their life which is bound to leave you teary-eyed. There are exhibit stall, souvenir shops and even a complete tour you can enjoy.

  • Jimmy Carter Library

The famous library built by the 39th President of the United States of America lies within the premises of Atlanta. This library established by the Nobel Prize winner president holds his presidential papers and the material related to administrative as well as his family life. Carter was a philanthropist hence his services for the nation are also stored in the library.

  • Oakland Cemetery

This historic cemetery is the final rest area for many famous people like the iconic Margret Mitchell and Bobby Jones. It has a large number of oak and magnolia trees, hence was named as Oakland cemetery. This cemetery stretches far and wide and also hosts events and tours related to Halloween. A harvest hunt is also conducted here, one of the most lifelike places in Atlanta.

Conclusion – Experience Life in Atlanta

Amazing hotels and views, extremely considerate people, this city with rich culture and consideration for the people around the world has a lot to offer its tourists. These are just one of the few Best Atlanta Attractions. Atlanta not only has history enclosed in a few protected buildings but the history of the city speaks for itself.