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Here at Country Blinds, we know how important curtains are for bringing a personal, decorative touch to your home whilst still providing you with a functional home accessory. Whether you are looking to enhance your decor with elegant and luxurious drapes or looking for a simple yet classic and understated finishing touch, we have curtains to suit your every need.

Create a stunning focal point, unique to you, with our Made To Measure service. Choose from thousands of options we offer a wide range of styles and patterns including floral, plain and striped curtains, our collection offers a huge range of colors to match your personal style and fit with your existing decor including our most popular grey curtains, matching curtain accessories and colored curtains to match your bedding. Country Blinds offer a large number of fabrics brands like Warwick, Robert Allen, Zepel, Rowe, Maurice Kain, Nettex and many others with from the traditional to ultra-modern looks.

As well as adding style and decoration to your home, Curtains by Country Blinds feature a variety of benefits great for every room. Choose from a variety of eyelet curtains and pencil pleat curtains with a range of different linings, plus a huge range of curtain accessories, pelmets, and motorization options.

Blockout Curtains:

Our blackout curtains are ideal for kids and light sleepers. They help to prevent unwanted external light from entering your home and help to keep your room cool by blocking out the sun’s rays meaning they are perfect in the summer. Our thermal curtains are great for the winter as they keep in the warmth and eliminate draughts, helping you to save money by reducing your energy costs. Whilst our range of lace and sheer curtains are perfect for allowing natural light into your home whilst also offering privacy. We also provide a selection of separate curtain linings that are easy to attach to your existing curtains, perfect if you want to add thermal or blackout lining benefits without changing your favorite look.


Blinds are ideal for blocking out any unwanted light while adding a touch of style to your home. Perfect for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, we have an array of styles to choose from to best suit the décor. Available in a range of colors, materials, and designs, all our Curtains & Blinds are designed to provide stylish and practical solutions for your home.

What type of blinds do you need?

Vertical or Venetian?

For adaptable blinds that offer choice when it comes to letting in light, vertical and Venetian styles are ideal. Controlled by a handy, easy to use cord or wand – you can decide exactly how much light you want to let in, perfect for mid-week early rises as well as those long, lazy Sundays.

Roller or roman?

For those looking for a more minimalist approach, our roller and Roman designs incorporate simple style and function and are ideal for areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Used as kitchen, bathroom and even conservatory blinds, our selection of roman and roller blind designs are made to fit perfectly wherever they are placed within your home. If you already have a set of curtains but also wish to add blinds to your home, then we also have a range of discreet options that can be used alongside your current fittings.

Functional Blinds

Blackout blinds are ideal for those who struggle to get to sleep with light shining through the windows. Forming a protective layer, they restrict light from entering the room, helping you to get a good night’s sleep. Our blackout range comes in an array of different styles, perfect for any home.

We also offer innovative nursery blackout Curtains & Blinds that incorporate thermal insulation within their design, keeping the room warm in winter and cool in the summer. To provide an extra level of comfort, our range also helps to block out any unwanted noise, keeping the room calm and peaceful. All of our kid’s blinds are designed in warm, soothing tones to create a relaxing atmosphere within the home.

Plantation shutters:

Country Blinds specialize in top-quality Plantation Shutters to fit any internal space and every interior style. Using the finest materials; the smartest design advice; excellent value; premier customer care – all dedicated to transforming your home and making you feel fabulous about your new window shutters.

Shutters from Country are made of solid basswood timber that is 100% grown from plantations. Timber basswood is very hard and is ideal for the Australian climate, as it provides a strong reliable finish that will not easily warp, buckle or twist. They are very solid and can span widths of up to 1100mm.

Fitted as either a single louvered panel that can open and close on one or two hinges like a door or as a concertina-effect which works best on large window or door areas, Plantation Shutters are our most popular shutter style.

Roller shutters: The perfect window protection for every home and every season

Extreme climate conditions are quite common in Australia, especially during the summer and winter months. You may have found that heat and cold enter or escape your home through your windows and doors. By installing Country Roller Shutters you can instantly improve the insulation qualities of your home. You can reduce summer heat entering through your windows by up to 90%, and reduce heat loss during winter by up to 70%. This ultimately helps you save money on the cost of heating and cooling your home all year round.

Extra security against intruders

And we’ve all read the media reports that burglaries and home invasions are on the increase. No longer can you consider your home a safe haven. But with Country Roller Shutters your home can once again be your castle. Once fully closed, our roller shutters make it very difficult for an intruder. More privacy for your family, Country Roller Shutters also provides the privacy you deserve. Both during the day and night, you have total control over the amount of privacy you require from within the comfort of your home. And our roller shutters are designed to reduce noise levels by up to 50%, giving your family a quiet and comfortable living environment. 

Outdoor Blinds:

Country Blinds specialize in the supply of all types of external Curtains & Blinds systems, so whether you are a homeowner requiring a covered outdoor area, through to a restaurant wanting to create a large alfresco terrace that can be used all year round.

Our team has over 30 years’ experience in providing outdoor shade blinds, café blinds, window awnings, pleated canopies and terrace covers to both commercial and domestic environments. We manufacture everything at our Mt Barker facility to ensure we supply quality products that are strong, durable, functional, and look fantastic.