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Country Blinds’ Overview

Country Blinds founded in 1987 as a retail curtain business in Massachusetts as a dining room table selling muslin curtains that were unbleached and narrow. The idea was laid by jack to sell the muslin ruffled curtains with the option to send them through mail as their Vermont Heritage. At that time, curtains were not really and easily available at stores but jack made the speculation that it would help them to develop a good market for curtains if they float them into retail stores or get an order from mails.

For their first advertisement, jack wrote the copy and Jane sketched the curtains. Every afternoon, they visit the post office for orders of the curtain received via mail the previous day. Soon they developed a strong customer following through mails.

Jack kept this job during this phase at the Lincoln Stores till 1957 when he was transferred to Pittsfield, Massachusetts. This brought their business to Stockbridge and raises the name of Country Curtains which continued to operate out of Fitzpatrick’s dining room until it moved to Lion Inn at the main street of Stockbridge in 1969. They saved the inn from demolition and preserve the historic building while accommodating the needs of Country Curtains as they were able to have more space for their business.

As their business grows in the coming decades, Country curtains launched its website in 1996 and started its online journey to fetch more orders from potential customers. In 2015, they started to face a high level of competition from companies like Way Fair or Amazon which leads shareholders to liquidate the company along with its stores, catalog and other operations which ceased to operate at the end of 2017. Thus, in February of 2018, Country Curtains was purchased by Vermont Country Stores.


Curtain Drapes

Drapes from Country Blinds are very beautiful yet achieving elegance. Feel free to explore our showcase of the amazing range of curtains with shimmer colors and eye-catching designs. We offer everything you need for your home or office.

Indoor Blinds

Our decent indoor blinds are very decent and offer good protection from sun glare. We offer different types of blinds for cafes and rooms. Our blinds are made from a high-quality material which has long-lasting.

Plantation Shutters

Country Blind`s Plantation Shutters are one of the unique products in the range of all products. We have huge experience in this arena so there is no other suitable timber for this slat material for interior plantation shutters. Our timber has three undercoats and two topcoats to provide a top-quality finish that you`ll definitely love it.

Shade Blinds & Awnings

Different types of shades blinds and awnings from Country Blinds are on the top list of products that offer huge customer satisfaction. We have a large range of retractable outdoor blinds. Our professional help you to go through up to date designs and patterns to choose from.

Roller Shutters

Country Blind`s Roller Shutters are available in automated or manual functions so you can fit them as per the place. They help to reduce the heat of summer and reduce heat loss by up to 70% in the winter season.

Security Doors & Windows

Country Blind`s door and windows are made for toughness that offers security hinges which are double rolled, high-quality tough corner stakes and closers of the door with privacy snibs. You can choose different products from a long list of products with a customization option.

Motorization & Automation

Country Blinds offers your convince of one-touch motorization as we design a high-quality product that has a good price tag too. High-quality automation and motorization have the wiring which is done by qualified electricians. Our products have a warranty so does the peace of mind too.


Country Blinds holds 30 years of market experience with so many options to choose that ranges from indoor blinds to outdoor blinds, café blinds to curtains made from bamboo chicks.

Call us to book your order. Our 9 mobile vans are running all over Adelaide, so our design experts can visit your home or office to offer their best advice to you. If you live in Adelaide or in Brighton or Marion or Gawler, our experts can reach you in a few minutes to lighten up your rooms or save you from sun glare.

Country Blinds is still a family-owned business that is still standing still and keeps meeting the challenges of the modern era. Above all, Country Blinds are offering customer satisfaction for decades. These are our important values which keep us running and growing so we will continue to drive in the future.