Classic Electronic Wood Pipes

In recent years, electronic cigarettes have become more and more popular around the world. According to statistics, the number of vapers has increased from 7 million in 2011 to 35 million in 2016. Also, it is expected that, by 2021, the number of vapers will reach 55 million. Although it is still a hot debate, vaping is considered safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Furthermore, doctors have recommended vaping to help hard tobacco smokers quit the habit.

Technology and taste from different clients have driven e-cig manufacturers to come up with beautiful and prestigious electronic pipes. However, unlike regular electronic cigarettes, prestigious electronic pipes come at a more costly price.  The standard components of a vape include the following; 

The BatteryThis provides power to the vape pen. Furthermore, most vapes have rechargeable batteries which have voltage and temperature control options.

The TankThis is also called the cartridge. The primary purpose of the tank is to hold the e-juice. Moreover, it is connected to the atomizer to form one single unit.

The CoilThis provides heat that converts the e-juice into vapor. The vapor is then inhaled by the vaper depending on his/her taste and preference.

Mouthpiece – This component enables vaporized e-liquid to be inhaled by the vape user.

Prestigious Electronic Pipes

Here are some of the best wooden electronic pipes you should try out. Remember, you can find all typew of vape designs on ePuffer. Besides vaping kits, they also stock e-juices, batteries and spare accessories for vape pens.

Silver Wood Series Vape Pen Battery  

This vape is made from a blade of real walnut wood and anodized aluminum to give it a glittering appearance. Also, depending on your choice, it comes in other forms such as slate + walnut and bronze + blackwood.

Some of its unique features include;

  •         A lithium-ion rechargeable battery with an electric charge of 240mAh.
  •         Three power/voltage settings: Low 2.8V, Medium 3.2V, and High 3.6V
  •         It has a USB magnetic charging port + cable.


Designed for newbies, Mojo is a disposable vape that contains 1.2ml of 5% nicotine salt e-liquid. Moreover, its battery can last up to 250 puffs, which is equivalent to 20 cigarettes. It is manufactured in several flavors and colors to suit individual preferences.

Geppetto Elite V2 Vape

Handmade from hardwood trees, the Geppetto Elite V2 is a customized vape with some exemplary artwork. It is among the most expensive vapes around, costing between 2000 and 2500 US Dollars. The vape measures 110mm tall, 25mm wide, and 35mm deep.

How to Maintain Your Vape Device

To avoid frequent replacements and repairs, here are some pro tips to help you maintain your e-cig.

  •         Ensure that you maintain the correct e-juice level to avoid overflow.
  •         To avoid breakage and other types of damage, ensure that you safely store your vape device after use.
  •         E-liquid should be kept away from fire and direct sunlight to avoid evaporation. Also, do not keep your e-juice with substances which have strong fumes/smell, such as soap and paraffin.
  •         Ensure that you rinse the tank every time you change the e-juice to maintain flavor.

What to Consider Before Buying a Vape

To get the best vaping experience and avoid costly maintenance situations, here are some of the common factors to consider before purchasing a vape.

Battery Life

Most vapes use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. According to one survey, a well-charged vape battery should last up to 300 puffs. Nonetheless, factors such as the size of the battery and how often you use the vape will determine its battery life.

Convection Vs Conduction Vapes

All vapes have a tank that holds your e-juice. However, vapes have different burning mechanisms which are categorized into convection and conduction. A convection vape heats air then filters it to vaporize the e-liquid. This type of vape is known to provide a better quality and tastier vapor. 

On the other hand, conduction vapes utilize a heating element which needs to touch the e-juice before turning it to vapor. Conduction vapes are user-friendly and less costly to purchase.

Your Budget

Several surveys have shown that vapes come with different purchasing prices. A cheap vape can cost around $20, whereas an expensive vape even go above $2000. It is essential to know how much you intend to spend on buying a vape, so you can find the best option for you.