A DIY Guide to Installing a Swimming Pool Fence

Swimming pool fence provides safety and add charms to your swimming pool and deck. It’s vital, especially if you have children, pets, or elderly around. But, installing a pool fence is not a child’s play. It’s a wise move, taking a lot of care.

Here is a DIY guide to installing swimming pool fences.

Before going ahead, note down the things you’ll need: a garden hose or rope, chalk, tape, measuring tape, stick, waterproof marker, gloves, safety glasses, pool gate with spring latch, drilling machine and cement drill bits, pool fencing and plastic sleeves.

Now, let’s dig out the guide.

Measure Area

First of all, you need to measure the area. For this, take a rope of 2 to 3 feet long. Place it from the edge of the pool and make sure where you should install the pool fences. Take the chalk and mark the opening gate.

Purchase Right Fencing

Purchase the fencing that matches the design and theme of your home. You can find many types of fencing made of different materials like aluminum, vinyl, wrought iron, wood and so on. They are almost five to six feet high.

Take 4-Foot Long Stick

Take a 4-foot long stick. Cut it in a piece of 3 feet long to measure the distance between the fence sections. Measure and cut another stick of 2 ½ inches long from the remaining part for measuring the distance between each panel.

Mark Areas to Drill Holes

To proper spacing, mark the areas with a waterproof marker using the 3-foot and 2 ½-inch sticks. Do this all around the pool. Ensure that you mark the area accurately as you will need to drill holes over them.

Take Your Drilling Machine

Take your drill machine that has a cement bit so that you can drill holes into your deck. Take the plastic sleeves that come along with your fence materials. Cut and fix a piece of tape of the same length on the drill bit where it meets the sleeve. This will enable you to drill the size of the sleeves without going too deep.

Drill the Marked Area

When drilling the marked area, it’s essential to wear gloves and safety eyewear. Clean the loose cement, followed by inserting the plastic sleeves into the holes. Push them inside the holes so that the fencing pols are fastened tightly and fixed in the hole.

Install the Gate

Find the openings in the top parts of the poles to install your pool gate. Insert a spring latch then the gate. Latch ensures the gate closes by itself immediately after it is opened.

Follow the tips above accurately to install a swimming pool fences and avoid any unwanted entry to your swimming pool.