The Best Watches To Match With Your Outfit

Looking fashionably presentable is a must. After all, physical appearance is one significant part of leaving an impression to new people that you meet. As such, it’s important to dress up in the appropriate clothes along with the appropriate accessories that can go with our outfit. One such example of an accessory is a watch.

Aside from telling what time it is, a watch can also complement our outfit. It depends on you entirely if you’re going to pick an outfit that will compliment your watch, or if you’ll choose a watch that will compliment an outfit. The bottom line is that you can mix and match watches and outfits for better results.

Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Bi Compass

The Bell and Ross Vintage Collection is a prominent brand in the watch industry. For the one who’s going for a vintage-style outfit, the BR 03-92 Bi Compass is for you. It’s given the “Compass” name because it does look like a vintage compass. Not only does it go with a vintage-style outfit, but it also goes well with formal wear and smart casual wear. What accentuates this watch’s physical features the most is the fact that the color scheme makes it look like a military radio.

Seiko Men’s SNK809 Seiko 5

Seiko is a world-renown name when it comes to wristwatches. As such, it should come as no surprise that all of their products are of high quality and top of the line. The SNK809 is one of the many watches from Seiko for men. The SNK809 goes well so much with casual outfits to the point that you can match it with almost anything. You don’t have to worry anymore when choosing an outfit that will go best with this watch.

Breitling Chronospace Evo Night Mission

If you love tactical-looking outfits, such as various shades of military camouflage, this is the watch for you. The Chronospace Evo Night Mission is a bulky military watch that adds flair to your military-inspired outfit. While it may be bulky, you can trust that it won’t break easily.

Citizen ProMaster Diver

Dive watches are usually taken for granted by many. People usually look to dive watches as simply having a great design and being waterproof, and nothing else. What people don’t know is that dive watches are more than meets the eye, and Citizen’s ProMaster Diver certainly takes the cake. Being durable, it can take considerable hits and still function properly. The ProMaster Diver can also go as deep as 660 feet in the ocean, which is a pretty considerable feat. It’s also chargeable, which means that it doesn’t have batteries and does not need any more changing.

Sinn 103

Sinn is a German manufacturer of watches. It started as a manufacturer of pilot watches before eventually expanding into other types of watches, such as chronographs. Chronograph watches from Sinn are also of top quality, and one of the best chronograph watches from Sinn is the 103. It’s most striking feature is that it has an old-school style dial which adds to the watch’s vintage look. It has a pretty basic yet stylish look that is guaranteed to add flair to business, smart casual, or office wear.


Factors to consider when matching outfits and watches


The term “rise to the occasion” certainly applies to clothing. You wouldn’t go to a formal event in casual attire, right? As such, choose the right outfit. You should also choose the watch that goes well with whatever you’re wearing as well. Wearing the right watch with the right outfit adds flair to your overall look.


This factor goes hand in hand with clothes as well. If you’re wearing black, it’s good to choose a watch with a black or any other dark-colored strap. You can also opt for a watch with a metal strap. Colors complement other colors and outfits you wear are no exception.


Watches can either make or break the outfit you’re wearing. As a watch is an accessory, it can either complement or contrast what you’re wearing. You can choose an outfit that will compliment your watch, or you can choose a watch that will compliment your outfit. The choice is entirely up to you. However, you should also remember that only you can carry your outfit. Your fashion style is what separates you from everyone else.