Shopify Developers

Shopify – a giant eCommerce platform organized a detailed broadcast to announce some major changes (and exciting features) for accommodating its users. From user experience to paying facilities this online event was full of information for SMBs who have been hit by a coronavirus and are looking to regain the sales momentum with innovative sales and marketing approaches. We, at Proximate Solution, thought to share a comprehensive look-back at the Shopify Reunite Announcement, that held on May 20th, 2020) to refresh your memory and help you devise better marketing strategies if you’re one of Shopify sellers. Let’s begin!


The Shopify Reunite Announcement broadcast was held with 2 major concerns in focus – current economic situation & what Shopify is doing to fix it? It was more than an hour-long broadcast that had key persons from within the platform to address the issues and announce an appropriate solution in form of new Shopify features that can, actually, help the entrepreneurs and small business owners. Here are the participants representing different departments of the platform during the broadcast.

  • Tobi Lutke (Founder, CEO – Shopify)
  • Craig Miller (Chief Product Officer)
  • Vanessa Lee (Ecosystem Product Director)
  • Michelle Tampoya (Sr. Product Marketing Manager)
  • Agatha Krajewski (Online Product Manager)
  • Satish Kanwar (VP, Product)
  • Lynsey Thornton (VP, User Experience)
  • The Earl (Product Marketing Manager)
  • Jean-Michel Lemieux (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Harley Finkelstein (Chief Operating Officer)

Shopify Reunite Highlights

In case you want to know what was the main point of discussion during the 133 minutes long broadcast, here are the highlights from Shopify Reunite Announcement:

  • The broadcast addressed how buying capacity is crushed under the lockdown and buyer’s challenges.
  • Shopify Reunite Announcement also addressed the challenges faced by retailers on the platform.
  • The discussion also included productivity issues during isolation for the sellers.
  • The Earl (Product Marketing Manager) highlighted the shipping related challenges during COVID-19 and what they have to deal with the issues.

Takeaways for Small Businesses

Now, that you have a quick view of the broadcast, it is time to unleash the exciting new Shopify features. We hope that by learning about these new Shopify features, you’ll be able to adapt your marketing strategies for generating maximum revenue off your selling even during isolation and this economic crash. To help SMB owners dealing with financial issues, Shopify is offering financial assistance. This initiative is to help loyal customers regain financial stability as a token of appreciation for their loyalty to the platform.

For dealing with the online shopping barriers, Shopify is adding new features such as Express theme (free), Tipping facility, free Gift Cards, and more. Along with that, the platform is also bringing a stable currency system to help sellers deal in local currency. With new Shopify features, business owners can expect new virtual gadgets such as Shopify POS for adding new sections instantly. Plus, they are accommodating sellers with Shopify Ping, Facebook Shop, and Google Shopping Listings (FREE) to help them increase their marketing reach.

Shipping Issues

For sellers having different work patterns, Shopify is releasing some, cool, new Shopify features in its back-office section. You’ll be able to create product listing faster, interact with other team members from the admin area, and manage the order list page more swiftly than before. For addressing the shipping issues, for the sellers, Shopify is releasing a new set of features such as Fulfillment Network and the local delivery system.

Along with all the cool new Shopify features announced in the broadcast, they also revealed the better performance of all stores. This would help buyers load fast pages, navigate non-frustratingly, and place orders faster.

This was all that’s been discussed during Shopify Reunite Announcement. If you want to tweak your Shopify store’s performance for more sales, contact Proximate Solutions, today, and find a working solution to your problems with an expert from our team.