Four Crazy Classic Accessories to Have This 2020

2020 is a year of mixed-up fashion statements and trends. If you look at the internet, people go crazy in almost any style. With that, others get influenced by what they see, making a new wave for fashion. Some classics get tossed together, creating these weird ensembles we see every day. 

But aside from clothing pieces being crazily matched, accessories can also get combos without limits. As look finishers, accessory trends were also prioritized in modern fashion. Big and small, shiny and matte, and almost any opposites were attracted to achieve amazing looks. 

So, what are these crazy and crisp pieces that you should look out for? Let’s find out.

1. Chromatic Timepieces

Watches are great impression holders. Wearing one can make you look dapper, or merely rich. But more than that, watches allow you to look disciplined. It gives power, letting you create a superior environment. 

With the right colors styled, dictating the room can never be your problem. This is where monochromes come into play. A sole-colored watch is a symbol of straightforwardness. This allows you to be more confident in any occasion. 

Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oaks are the best examples of this category. Their single colors like Gold and Tungsten do not only shine, but also speak for themselves when worn. The brand’s releases are also limited, so having a piece will give that compelling exclusivity. You can check this Audemars Piguet Price guide for your best timepiece preferences. 

2. Leather Sneakers

Sneakers can be worn on any occasion – that is, if you’ve been living this decade. Vintage formals and even business dress codes can be considered sneaker-friendly. Let’s also not forget weddings, where the guys wear their best Jordans for the photo ops. 

The best material that you can come up with when it comes to shoes is leather. It doesn’t get dirty that much, but you want that bit of ruggedness. Cleaning, on the other hand, is also an excellent advantage for leather wearers. A simple wipe from a damp cloth or tissue will be more than enough. 

You can throw in a pair of leather sneakers, white or black, with any style you desire. But, make sure that these sneakers have the best silhouettes to match. If you’re going in for a strictly formal, sleek sneakers without many subtle details can be more than enough. 

3. Buckets and Beanies

Bucket hats and fisherman beanies are both good hat trends. They imbibe streetwear finesse. You can see either one of these being worn by influencers, dancers, and other artists. And wearing one is as good as looking like them when you’re out in the streets. 

There are tons of ways where these headgears can be used. This does not only apply to streetwear, as their origins come from something useful. Bucket hats can be worn when you’re having outdoor activities like camping. Beanies, on the other hand, can also be helpful strain sweat when fishing. 

4. Layered Gold

Nothing speaks more crazy and crisp than gold chains. These big necklaces have been in the fashion scene for too long. Hip hop artists and the richest men in the world wore these embezzlements to show power. These heavies can make you feel higher than anybody, upping your fashion cred to the most. 

The crazy thing about these is that gold chains have become flexible in the fashion game. These do not only represent hip hop and luxury to the least. These have become a necessity for every trend where people just threw them in – layered to the neck. 


These accessories are just a few of the many accessories that raised trends across the world. If you would think, these are classic pieces that we always see. The only thing that makes these stand out among the rest is how they’re being used. So, investing in a couple of these will do you good in the longer run.