Steps To Follow When Buying A Car During The COVID-19 Crisis

Steps to Buy a Car during COVID-19

New research by IHS Markit reveals that global automobile production could reduce by over 1.4 million cars as auto plants in North America, Europe, and Latin America close due to the coronavirus spread, according to CNBC. In normal circumstances, shopping for a car has always been exciting, with a few challenges. Now, the process seems more complicated than ever. If you intend to buy a car, you probably are wondering if this is the right time.

Experts suggest that it could be beneficial to shop for a car now as long as you take several precautions. Therefore, make sure to learn everything you need to know about coronavirus and follow the right measures to buy a car safely.

Research Cars Online

Thanks to advanced technologies, purchasing a car online is a straightforward process. Dealership sites allow you to research cars, compare prices, and financing options all within the comfort of your home. Some dealerships may even let you sign documents electronically and transfer payment directly to their accounts.

With plenty of information out there, choosing between automobiles can be challenging. Therefore, make an effort to find credible sources that offer consumer-based reviews. Whether you want to buy a used or new model, reviewing and comparing vehicles by make, price, and performance is essential for a successful purchase.

Consider Home Delivery 

As governments impose movement restrictions to curb the virus, you can avoid going outside by utilizing dealership home delivery services. With COVID-19 disrupting businesses, auto dealers are embracing home delivery options to boost their sales. However, if your preferred dealer is yet to adopt this strategy, look for dealerships that deliver cars in homes and offices through GM’s home delivery program named Shop. Click. Drive. Alternatively, make your purchase in regions that offer shelter-in-place orders.

Understand the Precautions Dealerships are Taking

During a global pandemic like this, your health is a top priority. So don’t shy away from asking dealers if they are using the right strategies to protect buyers from the virus. You want to be sure they are implementing effective measures to keep you safe. Car retailer, Carvana, for example, provides contactless deliveries. This means a representative stays in the vehicle while you sign your paperwork to avoid physical contact.

Dealerships are following strict measures to ensure clients and employees are safe. Most of them are avoiding contact by encouraging online shopping and transactions. Others drop the paperwork in your letterbox and ensure they disinfect the car thoroughly before handing over.