Top 10 Reasons Why Your AC Isn’t Cooling

Reasons Why your AC is not cooling

You may have a big problem when you realize that your air conditioner isn’t cooling your house – especially if you live in Orlando. Air conditioners require the perfect combination of pressure, airflow, and temperature for proper functioning.

Air conditioners are complex systems. There are many reasons why these complicated systems may fail along the way. Cooling is one of the problems you may face with your AC. Several factors, including: may cause this.

1. Improper Installation

Is your AC unit not cooling enough or at all? Your AC unit may have been improperly installed. Your air conditioner may be too small or too big for your home.

Proper installation of the right AC unit needs to be done. Orlando AC repair company ensures that the right AC unit is installed in the best way. This eliminates the risk of your AC, not cooling your house.

2. Insufficient Airflow

You will not feel cooler if insufficient air is flowing through the vents. Enough air needs to blow through your vents for you to feel cooler. First, your HVAC technician needs to check your air filters. These filters are replaced if they are dirty.

If there is still insufficient airflow, your AC fan should be checked. Duct cleaning should also be performed to remove any dirt, dust, and debris in the vents. This effectively deals with any airflow problems.

3. Thermostat Issues

Thermostat issues are common with air conditioners. However, they are difficult to spot. One of the telltale signs of a malfunctioned thermostat is a blank display.

The circuit inside a thermostat can malfunction. Batteries could also die. This could result in your AC not cooling properly, especially if you are in a house with multiple conditioning zones.

You should change the batteries in your thermostat to find out if that’s the problem. If it doesn’t work, contact Orlando AC repair company to troubleshoot this issue for you. The electrical board of your thermostat may need to be replaced. Still, your AC unit may require a new thermostat altogether.

4. Electrical Issues

A breaker can, at times, be tripped. However, it may not flip into its “off” position immediately. You need the help of HVAC technicians to fix this problem for you. They will look for the breakers and find out what could have caused the incident.

5. Low Refrigerant

A low refrigerant level may be one of the main reasons why your AC isn’t cooling. Refrigerant is required to generate cool air. Proper equipment is required to measure the levels inside your air conditioning unit.

Your AC will fail to cool when the levels of the refrigerant become insufficient. You require the help of professional HVAC technicians to top up and refill your refrigerant. Still, any used refrigerant needs to be discarded appropriately.

6. High Atmospheric Pressure

The optimum operating temperature for an AC is required for it to function effectively. Your AC’s efficiency goes down if the temperature goes above the optimum temperature limit. The compressor may even stop working because of the extremely high surrounding temperatures.

7. Faulty AC Remote

Your remote may have trouble sending temperature change signals to your air conditioner. This may lead to your AC unit not being able to cool. You can replace your remote to continue enjoying your air conditioners service.

8. Unmaintained Condenser Unit

The outside condenser is one of the most overlooked parts when maintaining AC units. Proper airflow is required for the optimal operation of any condenser. Grass and weed are always growing around your condenser since it is outside.

The area around your condenser needs to be regularly maintained. All debris should be cleared. This ensures your condenser doesn’t become dirty. Proper care of your condenser will guarantee effective cooling. Your AC may not be properly cooling because you haven’t cleaned your condenser for over a year.

9. Defective Parts

Your AC unit may not be properly cooling because of faulty parts. A faulty run capacitor, choked capillary, defective control board, and faulty motor can be the reasons behind your AC, not cooling. You require the help of experienced technicians from Orlando AC repair company to help you fix any defective parts.

10. Frozen Air Handler

You need to look inside your AC unit’s evaporator coils if none of these solutions are taking care of your cooling problems. Are these coils frozen?

The refrigerant in the evaporator coils doesn’t come into contact with air if there is ice in the unit. This prevents air from being cooled. It also prevents air dehumidification.

You should turn off your AC if it is frozen. 24 hours is ample time for defrosting to take place. Once your coils have defrosted, clean them. Professional HVAC technicians in Orlando have special cleaning chemicals to remove any dirt in your coils.

You can be frustrated if your air conditioning unit can’t cool your home, especially during summer. You need to contact an AC repair company for all your AC repair needs.