How to Perform a Reverse Image Search?

if you don’t know about reverse image search, then you should know that reverse image search is probably one of the most innovative techs that have been designed and invented over a recent couple of years. There was a time when reverse image search was not known by many people and people used to get confused while hearing about reverse image search but today things have become much better, and this is because this technique is being loved and accepted by people all around the globe plus there are many reputed websites who are providing quality reverse image search services that have made it even easier to access and use.

Finding relative images and the exact source of images is the main purpose of reverse image search, and you should know that this can save you a lot of time and money if you have hired people for this purpose. How many people have been asking us queries about how to search by image on desktop and smartphones and so we are going to tell you about how you can search by image using different tools and image search engines! Just stay tuned and keep reading the next sections!

How to reverse image search using Google image search engine?

First of all, we want you guys to know about how you can make a reverse image search on Google. Know that we will always recommend you guys to use the reverse image search engine on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera as these three are the most compatible and easy to use search browsers that you will find. Now the procedure to search by an image using an image search engine by Google is very much easy, especially when we are talking about images available online.

When looking for images for your content you can easily check them for plagiarism and their copyrights, you just have to right-click on the image that you like, and the search engine will immediately open another dialogue box. In this box, you will have to look for the option that says SEARCH Google FOR THIS IMAGE. When you click on this option, the image search engine will get you results within less than 2 seconds of time.

If you want to search an image that is already available in your document gallery then what you have to do is to open the Google search engine with the image’s extension, you will see a camera icon in the search bar. With this camera icon, you can easily upload images from this icon and can hit search, and the image search engine will get you the best results.

This procedure for image searching is almost the same for android and windows devices, but the IOS devices are a bit complicated to use, as you know that you can use chrome or any other browser than Safari on these devices, so you have to ask access to image searching from the device on the browser before making it. As soon as the device permits the image search, you will start seeing the camera icon in the search bar of Google, and then you can follow the same procedure!

How to reverse image search using Image search tools?

You see the process of making a reverse search is very much easy and simple but what you don’t know is that your images are saved in the search engine’s database, and that is why the above-mentioned technique of reverse searching is considered to be unsafe by many people, especially those who want to make a reverse search on their personal or professional images.

Now there are many tools on the web that can help you get rid of this problem, who don’t save your images in their database and whose results are clearer and more detailed than the ones by different search engines. The best tool in this league of reverse image search tools is by the famous website, which is known as smallseotools! You can easily use this tool, as it is simple to understand. You just have to click on this link and start doing reverse searches with this tool

The utilization of the tool is quite easy as we have mentioned earlier, and you can know about it after reading these steps!

  • Open up the tool using the link and click on the upload button.
  • With this upload option, you can drag images from your default system gallery, dropbox and even from Google drive!
  • You can also search for images by using the keywords.
  • The best part is that you can also make a reverse search on online images but simply copying their URL and pasting them in the URL bar below the upload button.
  • When you are done with the input of images, you have to click on the SEARCH SIMILAR IMAGES button below the box.

The tool will get you results within less than a few seconds, you can filter them and can get what you want!