How to Setup an FM Transmitter in Car

Have you ever thought about installing FM Transmitter in your car? It allows you to play music in the form of a mini radio station. You can simply plug it into your headphone socket or any charging port of your music device than get the music transmitted into a selected frequency of FM radio. FM transmitter can work in most cars especially because they come with a wireless solution. However, some problems can also occur such as bad sound quality and problem-related to interference. Fortunately, most new models are better and even they have some new features too such as charging feature and hands-free kit model. There are many FM transmitter reviews that explain you about the details of the features.

FM Transmitter Variants

FM transmitter is available with a number of variants. Most of them have 3.5mm standard connection that suits most of music player’s headphone sockets. It means you will have no plugging problems. Typically FM transmitters are fueled with batteries but some of them can be powered from the 12V socket that is available in some cars. Some models have connectors that work with particular devices. Belkin’s Tunecast models, for instance, are equipped with a lighting connector that can also be used for the newest version of Apple devices.

How to Setup It

The setup of FM transmitters is generally very easy. What you need to do is just to plug them into your music device. Than transmit them into your audio in an available frequency (the one which is not occupied by any other radio stations). Finally, tune the radio to the selected frequency and the music from your music player is ready to play. It is easy right?

Most FM transmitters are compatible with many devices from mp3 player to iPod. Basically they can be connected to any devices which have standard headphone sockets. It means that they work with nearly all media devices. However, some FM transmitters are made to only be only compatible with Apple devices. Usually they have Apple lighting connectors. Do the transmitters work with all cars? This is one of the most-frequently asked questions. The answer to this question is quite clear. As long as your car has an FM radio fitted, even when it’s an od car, then you can install FM transmitter there.

What can We Do with FM Transmitter?

With an FM transmitter, you care able to play audiobooks, music, and podcasts. Audio from other apps and from your phone storage can also be transferred via the transmitter. Depending on the FM transmitter that you use, you can see the title of the songs from your car’s display. Usually, it works for transmitters that feature RDS or Radio Data System. Unfortunately, you are not able to use your car’s control to choose a song you want to listen. Of course, it will be more convenient if we can select the song ourselves via the car’s control. However, it should not be a big problem. The solution is to create a playlist beforehand.