3 Ways to Convert a JPEG Image into an Editable

Image to text converter

The image to text conversion has been made quite crucial for the people nowadays. There are many people who find it difficult to read from the heavy books. Retiring is a common trait that is done in offices frequently on a daily basis. Manual retyping is a time consuming, the effort taking and tiring task. The online image to word converter tool is helpful in extracting the text for the image and then converting it into the text format that is easy to read and understand.

There are three main ways of converting the jpeg image into an editable text format. The first one is the use of online OCR. Other than this the direct conversion is not possible, so the image is converted into pdf format then converted to the word format.

The First Way – Online OCR Technology

OCR (optical character recognition) is a technology that is used to convert the image into text format. With the help of OCR technology, the text that is hidden in the jpeg image is transferred into readable text form. This hidden text can be written, printed or typed on the image. The first step is the extraction of the content from the image. The second step is the conversion of this content in the editable and readable text form. There are multiple images of word converter tools on the internet that work for this.

Such tools are efficient in the image to text conversion and providing the optimized results within the least time possible. The manual conversion of the jpeg image into an editable file format is quite tough and tiring. This will take lots of time to translate text from image and still the authenticity cannot be guaranteed. There are no human error chances in online OCR converters. Photo to word converter or image to word converter analyses the image even if it is not of high quality.

The Second Way – PDF Conversion On Windows

Open the jpeg file and double tap on it this will make it open in the image app. There is a printer icon on the top right side of the screen of the device. Tap on the printer button, and a menu will appear at the bottom. Tap on “print to pdf”, and a window will pop up on the middle of the screen that demands the name for the file. Add any name that you want for the file and enter. The file will be saved in the device in the pdf format. Open the pdf file from the option “open with” “word”.

The use of the image to word converter tool is quite convenient, but if you do not have such tools, then these ways can also be used as well.

The Third Way – PDF Conversion On Mac

Go to the folder where the jpeg image is present. Click on the “file” for once. There is a button “open with” enter it with the option of “preview”. Again tap on the “file” button, now click on “export as pdf” and save the file. Now go to the folder where you have saved the pdf file. Tap on the “file” and then open it with the “word”. Now the jpeg image has been converted to a format that is readable and editable.

Search Engine Reports:

The image to word converter tool by search engine reports is working incredibly and satisfying its users through high-quality results. The jpeg image can be added to the input box with the URL or from the Dropbox. The result will be provided in a few seconds. This tool works on the optical character recognition technology that is working successfully in converting any format of the image into an editable and readable text form. You do not have to make any effort in this.

Ultimate Benefits of the Online Image to Word Converter Tools:

The online tools for the image to text conversion have lots of uses by which these are high in demand. Following are a few benefits of the image to text converter tools:

  • Such digital tools are free to access
  • Such tools are easy to use and handle
  • Such digital tools save time and human effort
  • These image to text converter tools use OCR technology and lack the human error
  • These digital tools help to provide high-quality results even if the image is not properly clear
  • These tools can convert any image format into text. So you do not have to face any limitations or convert images from one format to another for entering in the tool.
  • The fast recovery often enhances the productivity of the business.
  • These image to word converter tools save the expense of hiring the professionals that do the manual conversion and retyping.
  • These online digital tools are user-friendly.