Features & Basics Of Text Message Marketing

Nowadays, mobile communication is growing viciously. Today, all communication and interaction are done with the mobile devices. These mobile devices have turned our lives mechanical with the automation they bring forth.
When all interaction is taking place through digital devices, especially with mobile, then all marketing implementations will also be done through it. Marketing has now changed completely, and with mobile devices, text message marketing has come up to the screen. But on most occasions, people get confused when they hear about the process of text message marketing.

So, we thought of providing them with the basics of text message marketing. This piece is more likely to be a beginner’s guide to mobile text marketing.

#1. Permission-Based Channel
Text messaging is a permission-based channel that follows compliance policies of a particular country. You can only send a text message to those recipients from whom you have already taken consent. Otherwise, no one can send any text message to an unknown person, especially to a large bunch of people. If caught rolling messages without recipient’s consent, then you will be considered as a spammer. And spamming is absolutely prohibited for all communication platforms.

#2. Loaded with Variations
The channel of text message marketing is loaded with multiple options. From Long code texting to short code texting, all types of text messaging can be done. A long code is basically a 10-digit number (often known as VLN numbers). Long codes are usually used for person to person communication and with long codes, you have a limit of sending maximum 200 messages a day. A shortcode on the other hand, is a 5-6 digit number, used for one-way communication that means your recipient cannot reply you back on your shortcode. Shortcodes take time for setup, but they provide you the freedom of sending high volumes of text messages with a keyword.

#3. Open Playing Field
Other marketing channels like email, print, advertisements and more are limited with their market reach. In contrast, text message marketing has no defined boundaries. Once you have an opt-in list, then you can make the most of it by sending your entire list mass text messages. The reason behind such an open field for text marketing is that over half of the global population now owns a mobile phone. So, reaching to your target audience with text messaging is the most effective concept till date.

#4. SENDER ID for Brand Visibility
Standard mobile numbers have been a common sight when we converse with texting. However, you must have seen few text messages with the name of a particular brand. That’s a Sender ID. A Sender ID can contain both alphabets and numeric, but its exclusively designed for one-way communication. Brands have now started to buy Sender ID for better brand visibility since customers can remember their name instead of a boring number. Sender IDs may not work in all the countries because few countries do not allow using them.
There are 3 types of Sender IDs: a) Full Dynamic  b) Dynamic Alpha  c) Dynamic Numeric.

#5. Automated Text Replies
Now you don’t have a worry about sending replies manually. Text message marketing is an advanced way to customize your auto-reply messages. You just need to create a customized template of your text message and through an automated process, all text replies will be generated programmatically. The moment you receive a text message by a recipient, you will be able to send an automated text reply from with your keyword. Right now, there are hundreds of software from which you can set up your automated text reply campaigns.

#6. Contact Management – Mobile Database
Since mobile text message marketing requires a verified list of opt-in numbers, it is necessary to have a mobile database. A mobile database is a store of all opt-in subscribers to whom you can send bulk SMS messages. The Contact Management feature of text messaging in another great unique way to save your opt-in list for future text messaging. You will get away with the labor of manually putting numbers in the software to send mass text messages. All you need it to just build up a mobile database and rest you Contact management will take care of.

#7. Text Blast
In the world of real-time communication, marketing channels often get out of our control. But businesses who use text message marketing are aware of the fact that marketing via text blast software becomes scalable, automated and convenient. You can use text blast software for sending tons of text messages to an unlimited number of audience. Within a few seconds, your text messages will reach out to your target list and more will be the chances of your business to increase its customer interaction.

#8. Compliance & Regulatory Bodies

For digital communications in the U.S, you must follow the guidelines by the FCC Federal Communication Commission. And most likely if you operate in the telecom industry, then both MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) and CTIA are the two established bodies in the industry of telecom & wireless communications across all United States.