Upcoming Trends of Digital Marketing in 2018

Digital Marketing is one such field which continues to grow not just every single day but every moment. The field in itself is known for its ever-changing nature. Be it the updates that come in Google, or be it some game-changing things such as the coming in of artificial intelligence in the field, all these are nothing but the changing trends in the world of digital marketing which make the journey not just interesting and growing but even intriguing for the digital marketers. Here we list some digital marketing trends which will gain importance in the year 2018. Take a look:

Different Kind of Content Marketing:

We all are aware of the different formats coming in into the world of Content Marketing every day. And with the popularity of not just video content but even infographics in this, people are more and more inclined towards the video content, which is a big way that the audience has come in from the textual content. Voice search is one such thing because of which a whole lot of content strategies will focus more towards interactive tutorials or the featured snippets, so as to make the complex tasks easy for them.

Voice Marketing:

Voice Marketing is another trend that for sure will rise exponentially in the World of Digital Marketing this year. With already having 20 percent of the queries as voice entry in Google itself, we have an idea of how important Voice Marketing is for businesses. People in today’s date will only increase getting more used to Cortana, Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri or whatever comes their way in future. And the digital marketers will have to launch their campaigns in such a way that they cater to the needs of such their audience too.

Digital Working In Synergy With Offline Experiences:

In the world of Digital Marketing, since the start, there has been a constant battle showcasing Digital Marketing taking over traditional marketing in almost every way. But that case too, shall not remain for long. Not at all saying that traditional marketing methods will gain more importance than the digital marketing methods, but 2018, will become the year of working in a way that the digital will be integrated into offline experiences as well. It will be done so as to make the offline as well online world function together in a seamless manner.

Augmented Reality Will Be Integrated Through Social Media:

Augmented reality has become something which people in today’s date are loving. Be it various housing websites showcasing their houses in a manner that people feel more familiar with, or be it the gaming industry, the pioneers of which were the creators of Pokemon-Go, that brought Augmented Reality to the world of games too. That is not it, as the digital marketers speculate, that soon Facebook, as well as Instagram, would be integrating AR into their platforms as well, which again would be a great heads up to other brands as well as marketing campaigns to include them in their strategies.

A Dip in the Influencer Market:

Influencer Market has been a pretty important part of the world of Digital Marketing, but with people becoming tech. savvy as well as aware of the changing trends of Digital Marketing, there sure is going to be a great fall in the influencers’ market this year. This is a forecast that has been being made for years now, as to how much various firms invest on them, the return on investment that they are getting from them is not as much as it should be.

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