5 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Website

Ways to Monetize your Website

When starting a website, you must’ve had a reason for doing it. Whether it’s for blogging or showing off your design graphic skills, it might start off as just a side project. However, if your website has been getting some attention, that’s a sign for you to start monetize your website.

Should you don’t know how to do that, keep reading. In this article, you’ll learn the five easy and applicable ways to monetize your website’s traffic.

Before we get to the tips, here are some things to check so your website will be ready for this practice.

  • Exceptional site performance. Make sure to host your site on a reliable hosting service to achieve a fast and well-optimized website. One of the great web host examples is Hostinger. It uses the LiteSpeed webserver to guarantee your site’s performance is stellar.
  • Next-level security. Never take your site’s security lightly if you want people to invest in it.Start by installing an SSL certificate to keep your visitors’ sensitive information secure. If you haven’t, you can go to Cloudflare to get one.
  • Steady recurring monthly traffic. If you’re still struggling with your traffic, start practising Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as it’s a great tool to bring in organic traffic to your site. Alternatively, you can opt for paid ads to get paid traffic.

Now, let’s see the five easy ways to turn your website traffic into money.

1. Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing refers to the activity of promoting a product or service through an affiliate link. When becoming an affiliate, you get a unique code for a specific product of the company you’re working with. When your visitors hit the affiliate link or buy the product through it, you’ll get commissions.

If you’re a blogger, you can have the biggest advantage of affiliate marketing. Write a review about the product and put the link in the article. That way, your visitors can get more insights into the items you’re promoting.

One of the most reliable programs to try is Amazon Associates. With its current growth rate, Amazon is looking to an estimated 153 million prime members by 2022. Therefore, you can expect a fast Return on Investments (ROI) if you start now.

2. Integrate Adsense

Suppose you’ve successfully generated a high, steady recurring monthly traffic to your site. In that case, you’re ready to display ads.

Google AdSense is among the most popular programs for beginners, so you start with it. Apart from being completely free, AdSense provides detailed performance analytics. With the tool, you can monitor the ad performance and look for growth opportunities.

When approved, you can start displaying ads on your site. There are many different ad types, such as banner, static, animated, and interactive ads. Therefore, choose wisely to get them perfectly suited to your website design.

3. Start Dropshipping

Should you want to start an online shop, dropshipping can be your new best friend. With this system, you only need to find a supplier, sign up for the partnership, prepare a website to market the products, and communicate with your customers.

All the hassle, including storing, packing, and shipping, will be taken care of by the supplier. On top of that, opening up an online shop doesn’t require lots of traffic to start with. You can generate more as your business grows.

If you use WordPress to host your site, integrate WooCommerce to add eCommerce features. The tool has an automated notification feature that lets suppliers know when someone purchases their products. Also, it helps you manage your inventory, including importing products and assigning suppliers.

4. Offer Services

Suppose you have any special skills, such as carpentry or photography. In that case, you can promote them through a portfolio website. With it, you can post your works to let your visitors know what you can help them with.

Sean Halpin’s website is one of the best portfolio website examples. At the bottom of his pages, he includes a small note about his interest in helping his visitors with their design problems. Thus, his visitors know that he’s also open to any freelance work.

5. Flip Your Website

Let’s say you have a site with tons of organic traffic. On top of that, you want to start another business or invest elsewhere. In that case, selling your site can be an excellent way to earn that extra cash. 

On top of that, should you have the skills to grow websites from scratch, you can make a business out of flipping websites. All you need to do is to create a new website and drive organic traffic to it. When you’ve reached your target, you can open an auction and sell it to the highest bidder.


Throughout the course of this article, we’ve overviewed the five proven ways to monetize your website. Here’s a short recap:

1. Become an affiliate – especially if you’re a blogger.

2. Integrate Google AdSense – if your organic traffic is high.

3. Start dropshipping – it’s the best bet for a new website.

4. Offer services – don’t forget that you can also promote your skills.

5. Flip your website – it can be a profitable business opportunity for someone great at growing sites. Finally, each method brings its own pros and cons. Thus, whichever one you choose, make sure to conduct a thorough research about it. Good luck!