Discover Latest Colored Contacts Trends

The year is 2019 and contact lenses are used a lot more than they used to be back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Before, some of these trends were said to be completely taboo, but in the modern day, they’re becoming more the norm more than ever, and aren’t as big on shock value. When it comes to cosmetic lenses, both the color and styles are becoming even more popular than ever, and we’re going to tell you all about some of them in this guide, so you can rock a new shade, or just enhance the one you already have to make a true conversational piece on a trend.

Mismatching Colors

Believe it or not, having one blue eye and one green is becoming a fad these days. Even to this day, having one “white” iris, which was a trend that originally started and was a shock value expressional look by none other than the famous Marilyn Manson, is becoming more of a trend these days, and is actually not very uncommon. Another fun choice is having one eye white and one eye black, making a “yin yang” style effect.

Popular Colors of 2019

One of the most popular colors of eyes on, especially when it comes to contact lenses is having ocean blue and sea green eyes. Other people may want to have green eyes, but the most common is still the bluish tints. There are millions of people with brown eyes (since it’s a dominant genetic trait) that wish they had other colors in their eyes. So using a bright green, or an ocean blue is the way to go.

Increasing Iris or Pupil Size

Many people these days are also buying more contact lenses that are colored by adding things like “definition ring” lenses, which offer more visibility of eye color by enhancing the limbal ring (the spot that your iris meets the white part of your eye). There are other definitions that give a sense of changing the size of your pupil, and even those which completely black out your iris or darken them to make them appear deeper in color and make your pupils look larger or smaller.

Special Effects

While it used to just be an average user-base of nerds, geeks, cosplay, and theatrical uses, having special effects contacts is becoming more popular. There are things like starburst patterns that make your eyes look like they’re sparkling, and there are even lenses that go beyond radiance to actually add graphical imagery into your eyes and even those which were more popular in the past for special events and holidays (like Halloween) are very popular for everyday use. Who would have ever thought that you could really start a conversation by having contacts that made your eyes look like your pupils were 8 balls?


No matter what you’re wanting to do (between wearing contacts for cosmetic purposes or simply wearing them for both cosmetic and color changing), you want to check into the most popular options first, which are using natural tones that enhance your eye color and can add some shades or sparkle. Misaki offers numerous tone options, as well as color choices, and you can order your contacts from a trusted and reputable source that has housed and sold contacts to millions of users across the world, including some famous celebrities.