An Account Of Commercial Property Classification

The desire for a working space might have brought you into choosing from a multitude of options, but this choosing can be quite tough, more because people often don’t know what they are actually looking for. Again if you’re new in the domain of commercial real estate this problem might be quite a serious one. An easy solution for this is the various types of readymade office properties, available on rent, each flaunting its unique style of designs.

Various Types Of Office Space

  • Traditional Working Space: It is the most formal way of setting up business. This kind of space has each and every customary feature that one anticipates. This kind of workspaces is most often provided with an open area for private offices and cubicles. It also includes a reception area, conference room, activity or a break room, mailroom and a printer room.Here the employees generally work in a cubicle or carrel that incorporates a peaceful self-study The managers, executives and the principals are however needed to reside in private and built-out offices. This kind of work space layout is mostly found in law and accounting firms and in professional services.
  • Executive Space: These suits are the greater conventional editions of coworking Previously there was a primitive alternative to ‘working from home’ atmosphere. Executive office space has a limited area to offer. It is generally leased on to small, professional service firms, remote sales group and similar others, providing them an authority of a professional office space. Such an area generally include:
  1. A phone call system that manipulates the incoming phone calls.
  2. A delivery address for the delivery of the business mails.
  3. One or more private office.
  4. Conference rooms where team members meet their clients.
  5. Xerox machines and printers.
  • Flex Office Space: This kind of space allows you to construct the kind of office space that you need. It can be anything from a traditional office space, a creative space or even a showroom space. Flex space has a definite advantage since it consolidates the real estate expenses. One management advantage is that here the administrative section of the business can be kept close by the cardinal operations. That is to say, the chief executives, in-charges, and managers can keep a careful watch on the regular manufacturing, shipping, handling, research and developmental operations.
  • Creative Office Space:
  1. This kind of office space is gaining popularity in office environments. Commercial office space in Gurgaon mostly includes open floor plans with low walled desks or workspaces, with a minimum number of private offices.Cubicles are generally absent.
  2. Collaborative spaces like conference rooms and teamwork stations are scattered in abundance throughout the office space.
  3. Constructed with aerated concrete floors and uncovered ceilings along with exposed duct works are the key design features.
  4. Creative office space me sometimes include facilities like a large activity room, kitchen and lounge areas. All these solely aim to encourage and enhance collaboration and creativity.
  5. Such a working space suit all kinds of business. Creative office space is slowly gaining its popularity amidst many popular corporate giants including law firms, real estate groups and financial service providers.