8 Bathroom-Theme Ideas for the Year 2020

The bathroom is one of the most important and most used areas in the house. Such a small space can give anyone a sense of solitude as it is an excellent place for relaxing and taking a break. It’s a place of rejuvenation and self-care.

Furthermore, it’s the room that guests will see the most. This is why many people put extra effort into decorating their bathrooms.

Modern Rustic

Achieve a beautiful blend of modern and rustic feels by adding wood elements in the bathroom, such as repurposed vanities and shelves. Baskets can give the space a countryside feel and are excellent compartments for keeping the essentials. Get creative with storage by using wooden ladders as shelves to display decor or hang towels.

Quirky Vintage

Going vintage is an excellent way to add a unique feel to the bathroom. Embellish claw-foot bathtubs with gold fixtures for a luxurious look. Mismatched art and frames can make space feel like an art gallery that can entertain guests as they do their business in the bathroom. Keep the room smelling fresh by keeping flowers in vintage vases that liven up the counter space.

Calming Beach

Since the beach is a relaxing place for most people, re-creating that vibe in the bathroom is an excellent way to invite them to feel calm and serene. Use light-blue paint to mimic the color of the ocean and create a relaxing environment. Sea stars and seashells help set the beach tone and can be used as great decor pieces.

You can place them as is in random areas such as the bathroom, or place them in frames for a more organized look. Mount wooden crates onto walls to act as shelves that store towels and extra toilet paper. Ocean-scented candles can also help set the mood while keeping the space smelling fresh and clean.


Make the space look and feel more alive by adding plants. Fresh plants not only act as unique decor pieces but can also be great in purifying the air. Opt for indoor plants that require less exposure to sunlight.

Make sure that the plants are placed away from the shower to avoid accidentally overwatering them. Use different-colored planters as accent pieces or woven baskets for a little rustic element.

Exposed Bulbs

For those that opt for a more masculine look, go for the industrial feel and opt for exposed bulbs. This feature can make an interesting lighting piece in the bathroom.

Pair it with dark wood accents and white walls for a crisp and clean finish. Line the shower area with subway tiles to make the design more contemporary and inviting. Add black accents to tie everything together.

Bohemian Chic

Make a small bathroom feel warm and inviting with a boho-chic theme. Play with layers and textures through different shower curtains, rugs, and woven baskets. When choosing which ones to put together, make sure that the colors in the prints complement the colors of other decor elements in the bathroom. Don’t forget to add a little bit of greenery to complete the look.

Clean Modern

Clean and contemporary never go out of style. It’s a theme that many homeowners can willingly embrace. For that seamless, clean look of a luxurious high-end spa, go all white with the fixtures and all other pieces. For a sleek finish, integrate essential details that are modern not only in style but also in function.

Opt for a macerating upflush toilet, which is designed to be clean, efficient, and easy to use. Save thousands in plumbing and maintenance by investing in a high-quality toilet system that will surely impress guests and make the bathroom look and feel more current.

Golden Accents

You can never go wrong with gold accents. Pair gold hardware with marble countertops for a modern, luxurious feel. If you want a more feminine look, paint the space with a beautiful shade of millennial pink. This goes well with hexagonal gray and white subway tiles that make the bathroom look more classy and sophisticated. Top it off with fresh flowers and sweet-smelling candles.

A warm shower after a long day or a relaxing bath to conclude a busy week can be enjoyed even more with the right ambiance. Thus, give more value in creating a sanctuary of peace and calmness at home through the bathroom.