The Expert Way Of Caring For Your Carpets

Despite spending almost six hours per week cleaning your home, there’s one area you probably won’t be cleaning properly: the carpets. Experts state that vacuuming carpets isn’t enough to keep them clean, healthy, in good condition, or free from stains. So, what should you do to keep your carpets looking their best?

No shoes in the house

Studies have found that there are up to 421,000 different types of bacteria on shoes. If that wasn’t bad enough, shoes also carry traces of feces, dirt, mud and grass, amongst other things, all of which will stain your carpet and affect its appearance. It’s therefore highly recommended that everyone who lives in your home and all guests leave their shoes at the door. By doing this, your carpets will look more aesthetically pleasing, they’ll be more hygienic, and they’ll stay looking and feeling great for longer.

Tackle stains instantly

70% of people say that they cover up stains on their carpets with items such as furniture and rugs. However, this is the worst thing you can do, as the longer you leave stains, the more stubborn they get and the worse your carpet will look. Instead, make sure you blot any spills immediately after they happen. If you’re dealing with stains on your flooring that have been concealed for some time, it’s worth putting some baking soda on the stain: its chemical properties allow it to bond with most substances, making stain removal easier. Used as a powder or paste, baking soda can tackle things such as ink stains, grass stains, and grease stains. After a short while, you can then vacuum the area to reveal your stain-free carpet.

Change the way you vacuum

on the carpets

Most people vacuum back and forth and at a relatively fast pace. However, this limits the amount of dirt that your vacuum sucks up. For the best results, you should vacuum in one direction only. It’s also crucial that you do this slowly, as the longer your vacuum is on each spot, the more it will pick up, and the cleaner your carpets will be. If you’ve got time after going over the entire room in this way, vacuum the carpet again but in the opposite direction, as this will pick up any lingering debris.

Replace your vacuum bag regularly

Do you wait until your vacuum’s bag is full before replacing it? If so, then it could be affecting the look and cleanliness of your carpet. As a vacuum bag fills up, it takes longer for it to pick up dirt and debris from the carpet. To keep your carpet in pristine condition, replace the bag when it’s between a half and two-thirds full. Your vacuum’s filter should also be replaced twice a year, as this will improve the suction of your vacuum cleaner.

Keeping the carpets in your home clean can be an ongoing battle. But these tips will help you to keep your carpets in top condition so that they stand the test of time and are pleasant to walk on and look at.