In the present era we are all surrounded by technology and it has changed our lives drastically. The network security is a system designed to protect your data. Security is a priority nowadays because cybercrimes, data theft, and network attacks are at their extremes. According to Ponemom Institute, 7 out of 10 organizations said their security risk increased significantly in 2017. This invites an increased investment in the domain of network security by the developers and businesses. Both the hardware and software are integrated with security options.

We need to be cautious by all means and the network security systems help us to do that. But, there are some facts that you need to know about network security so let’s have a look at them and then decide what to do.

Don’t be Betrayed by New Devices

When you buy a new device, the biggest mistake that you make is that you think it is neither harmful nor infected by any means because you yourself just took out your brand new piece of mobile, tablet or laptop etc out of its packing. There are chances that even brand new things can be attacked by viruses and might have security issues.

There are greater chances of a device being harmed with malware when some of the applications are pre-installed on them, therefore, stop believing in the myth that newborn devices are always safe. These devices have pre-installed backdoors in them which is again dangerous because anybody can walk through such backdoors.

The best way to save your device is to never be careless and keep your security at priority even if your device is brand new. Also, install the network security systems as soon as you get access to your device.

Don’t Even Rely on Clouds

Yes, that’s true. You should not fully rely on even clouds because it creates more security issues than you can ever think. Let’s understand it in a simple way. We all have our safe zones and we all take security measures but at the end of the day risk is always there and you cannot assure a hundred percent security of anything.

Clouds have policies of storing your data and whenever data is stored, it is always at risk. Anybody can have access to this data at any time. As we already mentioned that cybercrime is at its peak, therefore there is a greater chance that this saved data by clouds can be hacked. No information or data is safe enough not to be hacked. Therefore, using the network security system has become a necessity and one should not ignore it at any cost by relying fully on these clouds and not taking any precautionary measures.

HTTPS is Must Use by Every Website

You might have heard that websites with https are generally slow and consume a lot of time. This is not true at all. These are all rumors and misconceptions. The reality is that if you have not used https on your website there is a greater chance that your website might get exposed to a hacker.

Https actually protects and saves your website from being hacked and provides you a safer environment. It has been proved 100% safe by Peter Eckersley who is a famous technologist in Electronic Frontier Foundation. He reinforces this idea by saying, “All sites on the Web need to be HTTPS, because without HTTPS it’s easy for hackers, eavesdroppers, or government surveillance programs to see exactly what people are reading on your site; what data your app is processing; or even to modify or alter that data in malicious ways.” Therefore, stop believing in these myths and keep your security at your priority by using https for every website.

The More Use of the Internet, The More Possibility of Attack

Internet of things can prove to be fatal and vulnerable at times. It is a misconception that things with good software are totally safe.  It was demonstrated by Symantec in 2015 that internet of things like smartwatches, automatic door locks, automatic lights and smart cars have a greater chance of being attacked. The number of internet connected devices is increasing day by day and so are the chances of vulnerability. Symantec explained that even medical devices are no longer safe from these hackers and this shows how serious these issues can be. It proves to us that how important it is for us to use network security systems because our devices are at a great risk all the times.

Updates Can be Harmful to Your Device

Most of the times we keep getting update notifications from different applications. These notifications are not always from the application. After all, how much betterment can an update bring to an application? Hire Magento developer or a Magento development outsource freelancer and he’ll give you an idea about the frequency of regular updates of a software.

Thus, most of these notifications are sent by hackers who are waiting for just one chance to get control over your system and ruin your privacy because all they need is just a single bug to achieve their goals. Therefore, these update notifications should not be entertained all the time because they can prove to be harmful and result in the hacking of your device.

With the modernization and improvement in the world of technology, security risks are being increased as well. Security is very necessary in order to keep the data safe because these devices contain all sorts of data which include our personal pictures, videos, contacts and confidential information. The above data is a clear indication of network security systems becoming a necessity.