Ziptrak Blinds Might Have More Benefits Than You Think


Ziptrak Blind system creates a brand new space in your home immediately, able to entertain family and friends at the notice of a moment. Protected at any time of the year, you can spend more time enjoying outdoor and indoor life with a feeling of seclusion and sanctuary.

Types Of Ziptrak Blind System

Ziptrak blind systems are made in South Australia by Country Blinds. Two major types of Ziptrak Blind System is available at country Blinds.

Ziptrak Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds from Ziptrak allow you to monitor airflow, light, and temperature while staying connected to nature. Now, in your own personal place, you can rest and enjoy yourself.

  • Trusted Outdoor Security System
  • Robust engineering and components
  • Australian Owned and Invented
  • Versatile Setup Solutions
  • Outdoor Entertainment Throughout The Year
  • Secure The Surroundings
  • Backyard And Patio Protection
  • Spend Less Time To Scrub

You, your patio and your furniture are shielded from wind, rain, dust, glare, and insects by the sealed blind system. Making the most of the wonderful climate, but avoid unwanted rain.


Ziptrak outdoor blinds provide a simple, quick and affordable alternative to renovating. Expand your space without costly renovations, dealing with constructors or applying to the council.


Don’t threaten you and your friends with these disgusting mosquitoes and flies. Blinds allow you to spend hours outside without having to spray toxic bug repellant.


The track driven process is simple to operate–no hooks, ropes or pulls. The blind glide easily up and down using the patented spring-balanced track system, stopping in any position.


Blinds offer superior versatility without losing your style with color options to match and complement your existing space and separate setup.

The dedicated team of Australian engineers constantly enhances the Ziptrak outdoor system by Country Blinds. The patent system offers some features that make the blind more user-friendly, stable and physically unobtrusive than rival devices.

Ziptrak Indoor blinds

Ziptrak Interior should improve the perceptions of a blind person. You can control heat, airflow, and insects with one quick glide. No bulky blinds and curtains with flimsy strings and covered in dust.


No other blind blocks light better than the Ziptrak indoor blinds. Within vertical tracks, the track-guided system secures the blind material, preventing light from entering through gaps. For excellent finishes, the sleek and discrete device is capable of its inclusion in your house.


The patent spring-balanced system enables you to leave the blind at any height, without cords or chains being required. Ziptrak indoor blind is the clear choice for peace of mind and to guard against potential hazards.


Ziptrak Interior offers best-in-class insulation for large windows. The track-guided system provides a glass-blind air pocket that significantly enhances the performance of the insulation. Many fabrics also include a transparent backrest to bounce back from direct sunlight.

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