You Will Quit Smoking After Reading This

Nearly every smoker thinks of quitting smoking and for that they visit online shopping websites to buy an e-cigarette thinking that it would not harm them but the fact that every cigarette harms you and has negative effects on body it doesn’t matter what or how you smoke, nearly every smoking item has carbon monoxide in it and it affects the whole body, the changes which occur due to smoking are quite slow and usually neglected but sad truth is it’s a slow poison will kill smokers with the passage of time. Smokers are not only harming themselves but people around them as well, passive smokers are likely to develop same problems as smokers while smoking is one of the most common causes of heart disease and other body changes.

Today we will be going through few of the side effects caused by smoking:

Weakens sense of smell and taste

If you think smoking only gives you bad breath and bad mouth taste wait till you read this, smoking contributes in weakening your sense including sense of smell and taste and this is the reason many smokers don’t appreciate taste of food but actually this is a lack of smell and taste senses, just think for a moment how your life would be if you lose these two senses, smoking is doing the same and one day you will end up losing these senses without even realizing it. Smoking is destroying your senses by its toxic fumes!

Mood Swings

We all have mood swings but if you are having it too frequently and gets calm down after a smoke then it’s time to quit smoking once and for all. Just pay attention to the details.
Your blood and brain are getting used to smoking, it’s affecting and making you an addict. Thinking that smoking will help you escape a situation or mood swing is actually becoming dependent on smoking. Actually, these are not mood swings these are the extreme side effects of smoking most smokers go through but few of them notices it.Urges of smoking also lead to aggressiveness.


Maybe your parents, spouse or children are not comfortable with your habit of smoking and they feel you should quit smoking. Just think you are at a family event and after a few minutes you have urges to smoke, excusing for a smoke might have an impact on your relations and people might feel being neglected which can lead to cold relations and most probably arise relationship issues.
Ageing, dull skin and Bad Teeth

Smoking has many effects like wrinkles, dull skin and stains of teeth. These things not only affect your health but also your overall personality. Smoking impacts, not only your personality but your professional life as well. The reason behind premature ageing is; blood does not flow easily to organs which causes many issues like digestion. You may have heard many smokers saying that they can’t change their cigarette brand because they will have digestion issues or pain in the throat. Well, this might be true but smoking any brand will cause this issues.

Considering all the disadvantages I hope that it helps all the smokers out there to quit smoking, these were my motivations to quit smoking and I have been successful in doing it.