Why You Want High Quality Security Cameras in Parking Lots

Parking lots are found in abundance all around shopping malls, town centers, high streets, downtowns, restaurants or other public places. As functional as they are, parking lots are also much prone to many unfortunate and illegal activities. This is because of the fact that usually they are left alone by people with only their cars parked in them and especially when you have an office building’s or a residential building’s parking area, it only gets a visit from a person once in a while.

The sheer easiness of driving down to a parking lot and performing any illegal activities for people who indulge themselves into any of them invites them with there being no eyes in parking areas. However, this can be corrected by placing high-quality security cameras that provide always watching eyes that work as a deterrent as well as record all the footage for later identification of people involved in any such activities or events than might have taken place at the parking lots. Here’s why you should have high-quality security cameras set up in your parking lots:

Hit and Run or Other Scenario Accidents

Parking lots are a common place for hit and run accidents and also many other scenario ones where people are just not ready to accept their faults and the case gets complicated a lot. One of the most common scenarios is when people try to park or get their vehicles out and hit a close by vehicle and then instead of waiting for the other vehicle’s owner to show up and exchange insurance detail, the person at fault just tends to leave the scene.

Having security cameras from high-quality brands like HIKVision, LOREX, Panasonic Security Surveillance, RCI or Viking Electronics Security in your parking lots will record all the action saving it in high-quality video format ready for you to use it when or where required. These high-quality cameras will also work as a deterrent forcing people to not run as soon as they hit someone because of the knowledge that their license plates and faces are constantly being monitored and recorded.

Deterring, Recording and Stopping Theft and Break-Ins

Cars and vehicles get parked in parking lots un-watched by owners as they get busy in other activities. No matter how sophisticated alarm systems you install in your vehicle, some break-in expert will find a way to disarm it and get away with the vehicle and everything in it. Since most vehicles don’t use very tough and durable windows and windshields, they provide easy access for someone with a foul intent to break into them and do what they desire after that.

Another concerning fact is that people often leave most of their belongings, including technology products like smartphones, tablets, watches or other similar items and some even more expensive items like jewelry or home decorations. These can be worth hundreds and thousands of dollars per piece and when someone breaks into a vehicle, it is to their consent to get away with as much as they can. Installing high-quality face recognition cameras from HIKVision, LOREX, RCI or Panasonic can solve this problem to a great extent, but the best options for this purpose are the ones with built-in theft detection alarm systems that sound the alarm for the burglars and for the authorities at the same time.

Recording and Stopping On-Site Criminal or Illegal Activities

Since the parking, lots usually don’t have many people around and vehicles, especially the tall large ones provide enough cover for people with foul intent to perform their illegal business deals like selling or purchasing drugs or snatched and theft items as well, these are used for many such activities more often than most people think. Any foul behaviors by people among themselves like fights or attacks, including murder or beat-up attempts are also seen commonly at parking lots.

By installing High Dynamic Range (HDR) and facial recognition camera with wind angle coverage at noticeable locations, you can ensure that people involving in such activities will get a warning and will not perform any such activities on your premises and even if someone is dumb enough to still carry on with their foul intents, they will definitely be identified and caught later on.

Providing Peace of Mind to Parking Owners and Security Staff

Security staff and parking lot owners are always on the edge of their seats ready to spot and respond to any unwanted situations at their premises, however, by installing high definition security cameras, they can have a little respite in their concerns due to the fact that there will always be eyes recording everything even when they miss something.

When installing your parking lot cameras, you must make sure to have them at locations that cover most parts of the parking area covering each end. Wide angle cameras suit nicely but when you want the best high-quality coverage and footage, having a combination of cameras attached to a stand and facing all directions is the best idea. This suits best when you have a central camera installation or when you go for a side wall or pole, having a couple of cameras covering most angles can also be a good budget-friendly replacement. Choose your locations carefully because this is where all the action will be captured.