Why you should get a good desk for your home office

The home office is a quiet paradise where you can keep up with your work, plan and organize. Introducing a desk that combines appearance and functionality makes it look great and works more effectively to meet your needs. Pottery Barn’s products and inspiration make it easy to find works that complement existing decorations with all the key features needed for everyday use. From space-efficient corner desks to elegant glass styles and wall-mounted tables, available designs and materials offer countless options for customizing the environment

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Choosing a desk that meets all your needs starts with asking a few key questions. Your first step in the selection process is identifying the primary requirements for your office table:

  • Do you use a computer?
  • How much useable surface area do you need?
  • Is your space limited?
  • Do you need storage systems?


If you primarily use desktop computers, consider choosing a design with enough space for monitors, keyboards, mice, and printers, and choosing a computer tower compartment or shelf if necessary. Wiring holes and channels make it easy to connect computer components safely and securely. A pull-out keyboard shelf is also a space-saving option that improves usability.

A desk with a large surface area is useful when preparing many documents. In an additional room, you can expand your paper or open a reference book. Consider a storage solution that simplifies filing. A home office desk with a cabinet or bookcase may be the ideal solution.


The term “measured twice, cut once”, which has been said for a long time, applies when buying a desk. Considering how much space you have, it’s easier to choose a style and function. One way to focus on options is to exclude desks that are too large for the room. However, there are other measurements to consider in order to efficiently organize and use the space.

  • Access: How do you place the desk in the room? If you have a spiral staircase, narrow corridor, low ceiling, or small door, you need to lift the desk from the window or choose a desk that can be assembled at home.
  • Door: Take care to ensure that the door is fully open when the desk is installed.
  • Windows: When reading, place your desk in a place where you can reduce the sun’s glare and the light on your eyes.
  • Outlet: If you are using high-tech items, please arrange the cables in consideration of the position of the desk relative to the outlet.


As mentioned earlier, space considerations play an important role when choosing a desk type. Consider how the following shapes and styles fit your room.

  • Regular desk: Available in many sizes and styles, it can be used in almost any shape room.
  • Corner desk: Ideal for compact rooms because it provides a lot of surface area and ample foot space in a relatively small space.
  • Floating desk: Secures floor space by fixing to a wall. Place your desk high on the wall and use it as a stand-up desk. This eliminates the need for a chair and provides more space.
  • Credenza Desk: Suitable for use in dining and living rooms when there is no dedicated office space. It also has many storage solutions.


A variety of materials can affect the look of your desk and help you express your personal style. For example, dark wood provides a classic and timeless appearance, and metal and glass create a clean and modern atmosphere. Common material choices are:


  • Wood: A traditional and versatile choice that is widely available in many colors and grain patterns, making it easy to find something suitable for decoration. Wood may be dyed to show its natural grain pattern or painted for a refreshing, clean finish.
  • Laminate: Wood pressure laminate is a practical option available in many of the same styles and colors as real wood.
  • Glass: The glassed desk is very modern. The transparency of the material opens up space and reflects light, making the room feel more spacious.
  • Metal: Choosing metal furniture gives the office an industrial look and a modern style with high contrast and dark wood. Metals are durable and scratch-resistant, requiring less maintenance than wood or glass.