Why Now Is The Right Time To Move To A Continuing Care Retirement Community

How Much Do Retirement Communities Cost  

A survey done about continuing care retirement communities unearthed some of the reasons why people hesitate when moving to one of them. The respondents were given a list of answers to choose from and they had the chance to pick any three answers depending on their priority. Some of the reasons picked were your average reasons like not wanting to deal with the relocation and downsizing, or not knowing how much do retirement communities cost, among others. But one of the main reasons that people don’t want to move to CCRC is that they don’t think they are old enough for a retirement community just yet. This reason was the number one reason picked by a whopping 46% of the people that were part of the survey.

What Is The Right Time To Move

A lot of seniors are currently living in their own homes. Living at home is fine, but it would be better if they were in a place where they had healthcare services available to them whenever they needed it. This is where CCRC comes in. CCRC offers seniors not only the chance to live independently but also offers them a whole lot of activities and conveniences that they can enjoy. The transition from living alone to living in a facility where you have 24 hour skilled nursing care available to you is easy. But as the survey revealed, a lot of people in their 80s and older still thought that they weren’t old enough to actually move to a CCRC.

This makes “What is the right time to move to a CCRC?” just as important as “How much do retirement communities cost?” and begs an answer.

But there’s no one answer for this question as everyone’s situation is different. People age differently. Two people of the same age can have different abilities and characteristics. Someone who is 80 can be healthier than a person who is 70. People have different lifestyles that impact their lives as well as their aging processes.

The one thing that is certain is that not moving to a CCRC while you have the chance can mean missing out on a whole lot off attractions that bring people to these facilities.


One of the top reasons why people move to CCRCs is the number of activities, services and amenities that they offer to seniors. Many of these activities and services are specific for the community but there are other programs to choose from as well like volunteer programs, further education classes and more. Moving to a CCRC while you are young enough allows you to enjoy these activities to the fullest.


While CCRCs have the best medical equipment and nursing and healthcare staff at their disposal 24/7, their priority is to help the people living there to stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s why almost all CCRCs offer health and wellness programs and classes which can include anything from yoga classes and fitness training programs to special diets and others. As if this was not enough, nowadays, more and more facilities have started focusing on “wholeness” which means that in addition to physical wellness they also offer programs for mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellness. These may include zen classes to reiki and walks and other activities.


One of the biggest benefits of moving to a CCRC is that residents get to experience a fully functional life that includes social interaction. They get to have a supportive and friendly network of friends who will be there for them in case of any emergency like a healthcare issue or any other issues like social or emotional. People living independently in their homes might not have a chance at this as life has become so hectic and busy that everyone in their family and neighborhood will be more than likely too busy to give them the time that they require. If you take too long to finally move to a CCRC, you might miss out on the opportunity to create deep and meaningful relationships with your colleagues, peers and neighbors. And since they are the same age as you, they know exactly what you’re going through and can help you go through the rough patches of your life.

Not Being Able To Qualify

CCRCs mostly state that when a new resident moves in, he or she should be able to live independently in the community. A lot of CCRCs have their new residents go through extensive medical checkups and evaluations for them to qualify. People who do not meet the CCRC standards can be declined from being a part of a vibrant community and they can miss out on all the activities that have been mentioned above.

So, there are many considerations before you finally select a retirement home for yourself or your loved one like how much do retirement communities cost? Or do these communities have the proper healthcare facilities for you? Will they help you live a healthy life? But once you have finally selected the perfect retirement community for yourself, it is highly recommended that you make the move as soon as possible while you are in good health and shape and can enjoy the benefits of the retirement community to the fullest.