Where to Spend New Year’s Eve in Switzerland?

If Switzerland is your country of choice for the New Year’s Eve, then you are bound to experience some of the best parties in Europe – or, if partying is not your thing, you can enjoy a cozy, fancy dinner at one of the top-class restaurants you can find here.

Nevertheless, Switzerland’s New Year’s Eve comes with a lot for you to experience and discover – however, the location must be chosen properly as well. That’s why, in the following lines, we have compiled a list of the best locations for you to spend New Year’s Eve in Switzerland.

So, get your luggage ready and get prepared for an unforgettable night!


When it comes to the beautiful Geneva, you have available the most loved music genres in the world, that if you are up for a concert and some dancing. If you want to see DJs in action and bounce on some electro music, then you have to head to Bains des Paquis.

However, if jazz, blues, and funk define your style, then be sure to spend your night in Rotonde du Mont-Blanc. Moreover, this location will delight you 70s disco music up until 3am in the morning – perfect for getting all of that New Year’s energy out of your body.

Of course, bars and food trucks will be always at your disposal, in case you need a fresh batch of raw energy – and, obviously, the firework display will stop everything in place as you step in the new year.

So, be sure to book your airport taxi of Geneva today if you want to experience good music, food, drinks, and the amazing fireworks.


It is well-known that the biggest New Year’s Eve party takes place in Zurich – reportedly, over 200,000 people gather in this town on the big day, at 8pm, and start to drink, eat, and be happy.

If you want to be in the center of it all, then be sure to stick around the lakeshores starting from Limmatquai and right around to General Guisan-Quai.

Naturally, there will be fireworks – you will be able to see the pretty lights right after midnight.


Vevey’s market square can be found in the Lake Geneva region and it is, reportedly, the place where one of the best free parties of this location take place. In terms of music, the DJs will stir up your memories with the tunes of the 80s and going as up as the 10s.

Once again, there will be bars and food truck, and everything else that you need to keep yourself warm until the morning sun rises.


If you want a more peaceful New Year’s Eve, then we recommend you go to the cathedral that can be found in Lausanne. Here, you will be able to experience a tradition that started way back, in 1904.

In short, crowds will gather by the cathedral, drink mulled red wine, and watch the illuminations on the clock tower as the world steps in a new year – those that have been there claimed that the lights make the clock tower look like it’s burning.

Therefore, this location is perfect for a magical New Year’s Eve!