Are you renovating your home and looking for ideas to try with your bedroom or the kitchen area? We can surely help you with these two, essential, areas with our innovative, trendy, and stylish residential wood accessories by Torch. We understand what exactly you seek to add to your wardrobe to stay up to the expectations of your circle. So, we at Torch, very carefully designed the residential wood accessories by Torch that you can relate to and make the right decision with respect to your renovation plans. Come, let’s walk you through each residential wood accessories by Torch and unveil the essential features of our wardrobe and kitchen offerings.


First emerging in the 14th century, the word “wardrobe” comes from an old French word “wardrobe” which means “To keep” or “To guard”. The wardrobes are an essential corner of a bedroom and come with certain useful parts that have a specific purpose. Wardrobes are not just there to protect your clothing, jewelry, or other valuables in place but also contribute to the elegance of your lifestyle standard.  While designing our residential wood accessories by Torch, we keep every need in an account that you’d ever feel to see in your wardrobe section. We pledge to offer you an ideal wardrobe range when you choose the Torch for renovating your bedroom accessories. Below are some of the key elements that you will find in our wardrobe options.

  • To offer you more space to manage your casuals, dresses, and formal suits, we’ve included hanging areas in different sizes and positions. We’ve given our wardrobe an adequate shelving space that caters to your needs for keeping folded clothing safe within the cupboard.
  • We understand your preferences to keep precious items closer to you in the drawers and therefore we’ve given you a couple of drawer space to keep your valuables safe in lock right in your bedroom. The drawer size is kept proportionate to the size of the whole wardrobe that is sufficient for your usage.
  • We care about you and know how sophisticated you are when it comes to handling the shoes, sandals, and boots. We’ve given our wardrobe an ample space for keeping shoes, safely, with different sizes of shelves. You can enjoy the segregation of shoes within the wardrobe and keep each pair in its respective shelf and take it out on the right occasion.
  • A wardrobe is incomplete without adding space for accessories such as watches, ties, and bangles for your better half. You can keep such essential items with care in their respective portion within the wardrobe and be a pro wardrobe user with our fantastic design. In other words, you can totally trust the residential wood accessories by Torch.


On average, we spend about 6 hours in the kitchen on a daily basis from dawn to dusk. This calls for a kitchen space that is perfect in every manner and caters to the core needs that we have to deal with. We, at Torch, kept this point in our mind while designing our kitchen accessories as we wanted to include every essential quality in our kitchen accessories. To offer you the best residential wood accessories by Torch, we came up with the below-mentioned features in our kitchen products.

  • Doors make the very first image of your kitchen memorable when you show your guests around in this area of the house. So, we kept the cabinet doors classy and stylish in order to give you the power to impress your guests with an elegant door design. In other words, you can win your guest’s hearts with cabinet doors even before serving the food later that evening.
  • After the cabinet doors, the worktops are our top priority when you select our kitchen wood accessories by Torch. We tend to provide you an extreme level of ease with our worktop designs, height, and size. The finishing speaks for the quality of our kitchen’s worktops that you’ll love for years to come.
  • We help you keep your dishes, glasses, and cutlery in one place and in one piece. We use fine material quality to make enough space for your storage needs when you choose residential wood accessories by Torch.