What is industrial vacuum cleaner

An industrial vacuum cleaner is a machine used for general cleaning in the industrial environment, as well as many other specific applications. the industrial vacuum cleaner is not only confined to industries and factories. No doubt You can also use an industrial vacuum cleaner for domestic purposes.

Types and source of driving:

There are two main types of industrial vacuum cleaner. Coldwater industrial vacuum cleaner and hot water industrial vacuum cleaner. Coldwater industrial vacuum cleaner is also used for cleaning but this time in some advanced way you can remove even a stain through the vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner washes the stain on the carpet and somewhere else and then dry it as well within a second. You have to put the cold-water vacuum cleaner on the stain for five seconds when you remove it stain will be cleaned.

Hot water vacuum cleaner has the same phenomenon as a cold water vacuum cleaner but the difference between is that clod water is used for the liquified stains (which are recently be done). On the other hand, a hot water vacuum cleaner is used for that stains of a long time. You can use cold and hot water both but preference should be to cold water hot water may damage your carpet.

  Source of driving:

You can drive/run industrial vacuum cleaner by petrol, gas, diesel, and electricity as well In most of the places we can not buy the petrol and diesel in such massive amount so no problem you can use electricity because there is possibly none of the places I the world who have no electricity that’s why you can easily avail the electricity

But in some ways, if you have no electricity then you can use petrol, gas, and diesel as well the consumption of fossil fuels is very lessened by an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Purpose of industrial vacuum cleaner:

We all have such problem of cleaning the carpets and other foams made items. This problem can be solved by some non-rated vacuum cleaners but if we have a stain on our carpets then the ordinary vacuum cleaner can do nothing. Due to that problem we always used to do dry clean it which was so hard to do at home.

Now let’s discuss the industrial sight of vacuum cleaner we know in industries and in factories we require high end vacuum cleaner. Those who have long-lasting and efficient enough. When industries need hot water or cold water they can only enable the function of the specific desire machine.

  Jet Wave (imagine the clean world):


Jet wave is a specialist in designing and manufacturing industry and application a specific purpose-built high-pressure cleaning solution we have pressure water cleaners and drain cleaners / hydro jetters for the mining oil and gas shipping and aviation plumbing government and council’s construction and primary farming industries just to name a few.

Jet wave is providing you the best quality industrial vacuum cleaner we will provide you anything you want in one machine you can enable cold water function at the same time you can enable the hot water. You can use electricity to run on the other hand you can use fossil fuels like petrol, gas, and diesel as well we are naming some of our products Dakota 440/62, Dakota 640/200, Dakota 515 ETC. further information you will get through the website.