5 Things You Must Know Before Building Your Uber for X

Uber not only changed the taxi industry but changed the way we perceive any kind of business. It opened so many doors and introduced us into a different dimension of On-Demand Services. Soon after Uber got recognition, new competitors started entering the market to take advantage of this trend. What was interesting is that the concept of On-Demand was now replicated in other industries too.

This replication or Uberization is called Uber for X. You can build a service like Uber for many industries. For Example,

  • Uber for deliveries from restaurants and courier service.
  • Uber for Health appointments with the doctor.
  • Uber for Home & Real-Estate.
  • Uber for miscellaneous services.

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to build Uber for X, then there can’t be a better time than this. However, having said that, you must consider few critical factors to succeed in your mission. In this I’ve mentioned some factors which you must consider while making your Uber for X.

  1. Value Proposition

The most basic question that you must ask yourself before starting to work on your Uber for X is – What purpose it would serve? Which needs of customers it will suffice. What are the benefits that your customers will get? If you have a clear answer for these questions then you are good to go.

Uber had two distinct markets of customers 1. Drivers and 2. Riders. Uber ensured taking care of every problem that their driver faced. Similarly, they act upon their customer’s complaints too. Likewise, you need to define your customers and then come with pragmatic solutions to resolve all their queries.

  1. Fix a Niche and Reach the Right Audience

Once you have chosen the market for your customers, it’s time to further narrow down your audiences. Targeting a wide range of customers won’t be a good idea as it would be too much to handle and the chances of failures would rise. Instead, you must start small and steady. You would need to identify your niche audience and then go all guns blazing.

For example, you might be looking to build an Uber-like App but for only school kids. In that case, you have to only focus on your target audience which is school kids and drivers. At the same time, you also have to be prepared of the competitors who would be eying to get ahead of you in that niche.

  1. Partners

Along with identifying the target audience it is also imperative to identify your partners. Success of your start-up would heavily depend on how you coordinate with your partners. Below are some of the partners which you need to identify for your business.

  • Service Providers: – The most important partners are the service providers, the ones that would represent your service. In case of Uber they were the drivers.
  • Third-party service providers: – Then there comes the third-party service providers who assist you in technological, logistical, and many other aspects. In case of Uber these were the payment gateways and mapping data provider.
  • Local Authorities: – It is imperative to get the permission from the local authorities to make your service legal.
  • Investors: – Last but not the least, the investors; you need to ensure that there is smooth coordination between you and the investors.
  1. Don’t Copy the Business Models

It’s easy and tempting for someone setting up his own Uber for X venture to take inspiration from the Uber’s business model. However, you must ensure that your business model is not a rip-off of Uber’s. It’s because Uber had different audience to cater and different circumstances to deal with. You on the other hand, will have to face different set of problems. Merely copying its business model could very well hamper your business.

  1. Technology is Just a Facilitator

One of the biggest reason for Uber’s success was its app. Taxi Booking App was responsible for giving the birth to an On-Demand Service. However, you must understand that it’s not the only factor which made Uber big. Yes, App is important, but it’s not everything. To build an app for your business won’t be big deal. The big deal would be to manage the logistics, supplies, financial transactions, and to take care of that every stakeholder is having a great experience with your service.


On-Demand Services have slowly started intruding in most of the industries. However, there are still many industry verticals where Uberization haven’t took place. You can choose those less explored areas and start your Uber for X.

While setting up your Uber for X, ensure that you consider all the factors that I have mentioned. Keeping in mind these factors would surely give your venture a head start.