The Importance of Getting Mold out of Your Home

Getting Mold out of Your Home

The monsoon season leaves behind a lot of lingering issues within our homes and most of which go unnoticed. One problem that homeowners should look out for at all times is mold. Fungal growth within the confines of a home is unhealthy for its inhabitants and as such, mold removal services are always a must. Before taking out the mold, it is, of course, crucial to determining where it is first.

The initial step in the mold removal process is inspecting the entire house to see where fungal growth is occurring. By doing so, it will be easier to see which areas are in dire need of treatment. Moreover, it will be easier to prevent the growth of mold as homeowners will be able to take out every speck of growth using this process. Here are some signs that mold may be present:

Odd Spots

Once the mold has fully developed, it will be easier to spot where it is as it is visible to the naked eye. Mold comes in various forms but it typically looks like a rough or velvety spot that grows in damp areas. The colors vary as well as mold could come in white, brown, green, yellow, purple and blue. Once homeowners spot this visible molding, it might be time to call for help.


This is the most subtle sign but it almost guarantees that there is mold growing nearby. If one particular part of the house feels a little too humid, then there’s a good chance that mold is starting to develop there. Mold thrives in damp areas and humid atmospheres so having a place that’s too humid is dangerous for any homeowner.


Most homeowners don’t know this but mold can be determined by its scent. Ideally, people would want to sniff out areas wherein an earthy smell is present. In cases where the molding has gone worse, the odor will be very prevalent. Homeowners will easily figure out something is wrong if they are familiar with the usual scent their house gives off.

Damp Wood

Mold typically thrives in wet areas, particularly in ones that take too long to dry out. This means furniture and house foundations made of wood are very susceptible to fungal growth. Once the flood damage occurs, homeowners must immediately check (and possibly treat) any damp or wet areas as there is a good chance that the mold growth will start to begin there. The mold removal process is done by professionals often target these damp areas as well.

A History Of Mold

Mold is a recurring problem especially if the homeowner didn’t get the proper mold removal process done. If a property has had mold issues before, then chances are it might come back again once the monsoon season arrives and flood or water damage occurs. Some homeowners choose to fix this problem with their own ways but sadly, their methods aren’t always effective. As such, it is vital to ask for professional help from companies like Aloha Restoration, Co,

Aloha Restoration, Co. prides itself in various home restoration services including water and mold removal. They have years worth of experience in Lake County and they aren’t new to emergency services as well so those who need the issue remediated fast need only to wait a few hours for their crew to arrive.

Mold problems are harmful and should be treated as quickly as possible. If there is one good side to mold, it’s that it is very easy to see if problems are starting to occur. Once homeowners tick these signs on their list, it might be the right time to call for professional help. After all, it’s their home’s sanitation that’s at risk.