The HMB Controversy – Are They Better Than Steroids?

HMB Steroids

Since its invention, hydroxymethyl butyrate (HMB) supplements have been used in sports to improve endurance, promote recovery, and reduce recovery time. Although they have been effective, other supplements with better results have come up after vigorous research by health experts. This has led to a controversy, especially when HMB are compared side by side with steroids. The latter is said to be more accurate and quicker in giving results to athletes. However, the best way to judge is to look into both in detail.

How HBM and Steroids Work

The body produces HMB naturally but in small amounts. This happens during the processing of leucine amino acids and is used to boost the synthesis of muscle proteins in the body. At the same time, it will limit their breakdown. As a result of this function, athletes and lifters have been relying on supplements that boost its production to perform better. Health and fitness experts argue that because it inhibits the breakdown of proteins, the damage to muscles will be minimal. Thus, the recovery time also decreases significantly.
On the other hand, steroids are synthetic substances that are similar to different hormones in the body. They are targeted for different purposes like the increase of HGH and vitamins to promote endurance, strength, and reducing recovery time. Steroids are used in sports, though most of them are banned to avoid abuse by athletes. When fitness enthusiasts buy steroids from known brands like the website and use them well, the results are marvelous.

Benefits of Using HMB Supplements in Fitness

The first benefit is an increase in muscles in the body. Most lifters would like to have more muscles quickly. They can trust HMB supplements to activate this process. The supplements are oral and are more effective when taken together with protein shakes.
While taking HMB supplements, you should expect to grow your strength levels to a certain percentage. This means that it is a good supplement for both newbies and seasoned lifters.
Another benefit is that it has an effect of reduction of muscle loss with age. The intake should be prescribed by a qualified medical doctor to avoid adverse health effects.

Benefits of Using Steroids

On the other hand, the use of steroids in fitness is on the rise. Although they are highly regulated, people consider them as a good option for their specific fitness needs. When used moderately, anabolic steroids can yield great results.
They have numerous benefits, but the main ones are increases in muscle mass and strength. Some steroids are known to promote muscle recovery time in athletes and promote bone density with time. The primary reason why some are not recommended is that they are too powerful and can lead to health problems like heart attack.

Final Word

Both HBM and anabolic steroids are useful in fitness. What matters is how they are used and the reason behind taking these supplements. The right use is key.