Stay in Australia Permanently With an Employer Nominated Visa for Skilled Individuals

186 Visa is an Employer Nominated Permanent resident visa applications for immigration to Australia.It is mainly availed by overseas skilled employees who are nominated by employees in Australia.Under the Employer Nomination Scheme, Australian employers can nominate skilled employees can nominate skilled employees from other countries, The visas are issued by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) which falls under the subclass 186.

Eligibility criteria are:-

  • Should have the desired skills and competence for the nominated position.
  • Individual must be below 45 years while applying for VISA
  • Should have a 6.5 to 7 score in IELETS
  • Should hold license or registration for the appointed position
  • Should have a clean character and proper health.

Required Documents: The document validity is strictly in adherence to the 186 visa checklist which is obtainable from the website DIBP

  • Application must be correctly filled and duly signed
  • Identify proofs pertaining to the documents
  • Work experience pertaining to work-skills
  • Character certificate from police or magistrate showing a crime free background
  • Copies of passport showing identity proof

There are two main processes for getting VISA under 186 subclass.

  • Individual needs to be nominated by an Australia employer for a specific position
  • An application for VISA by an experienced or skilled professional

When applying for 186 visas the applicants could be residing in or outside Australia. On grant of 186 visas an individual is entitled for certain privileges’

  • The members of family and dependent can also be included for VISA
  • Individual can stay permanently in Australia
  • Getting a professional position is easier
  • On can earn Medicare facilities a health scheme of Australia.

The processing time for 186 visa decision is dependent upon a number Of factors.

  • The time taken to fill visa applications
  • The right choice made for the visa option
  • The time-taken to fill visa application
  • The right choice made for the visa option
  • The time-validity of visa
  • Production of requisite documents
  • Getting skilled assistance

The 186 Visa decision ready processing time varies for direct stream and Temporary Residence Stream .It is 15 months for Direct Stream

And 10 months for Temporary Residence stream. In recent publication of updated version of 14th March 2017.It is observed that the time frame for Employer Nomination scheme for 75 percent the total application.

The time frame may be extended sometimes owing to bureaucratic paraphernalia .Some other important factors for delay maybe the following:

  • Incorrect or Incomplete submission of form
  • Producing additional information
  • Delay in procuring reference check document from third party like police verification certificate.

The processing time is mere indicative. It depends on various factors. Visa is mainly for the skilled people willing to migrate to Australia. The Visa department have advised to allocate the applications submitted between April 2016 and April 2017.The priority is given that majority of applications within 6 to 8 months.

For employee nomination 186 it is mandatory that all relevant documents are available during lodgement. The department has full authority to provide further information in case of insufficient documentation. If the individual cannot provide the necessary documents, the application may be liable for rejection. People should be extra cautious while applying for permanent visa application. Still, due to lack of knowledge, they tend to forget some important details. To prevent yourself from landing into such a situation, contact Adelaide Migration Agent. Talk to the consultants there and resolve your queries about this visa.