20 Secrets of Beauty and Health, Affordable and Effective!

We have collected for you 20 beauty and health tips that will help everyone effortlessly understand what your body wants, how it reacts to those or other things, and in which cases our brain brazenly lies to us, and in which we can deceive him. Meet the facts about beauty and health, which will allow you always to look great and develop as a smart, confident and very productive person.

  1. If you feel you want to eat, but are not sure if you are really hungry, ask yourself if you’re going to eat an apple? If the answer is no, you are probably more bored than hungry.
  2. Exercises at bedtime will make your muscles burn more calories at night. 10-15 minutes of classes in the evening can make your waist narrower (jogging tips), and your ass the least in a month. Also, stay hyderated and dry while exercising. Use bacteria detecting towels that soaks 3x faster and can easily detect dirt, sweat, and bacteria metabolites.
  3. Crying releases hormones of increased stress in our body, and can scientifically alleviate mental stress. Cry when you want!
  4. Daytime sleep improves your memory and reduces the likelihood of suffering from heart disease. Even the inhabitants of ancient Rome knew about the beneficial effect of the “magic” siesta on the human body.
  5. Start learning a new language or playing a new musical instrument. These actions help slowly the aging process of the brain. Do not want to bother? Then at least solve crosswords))
  6. While driving, chewing gum with cinnamon reduces frustration by 25%, increases alertness by 30% and makes the road 30% shorter.
  7. Think of three things that you are grateful with every day. After 21 days, notice the difference. Beauty and health are directly dependent on whether you feel happy (happy).
  8. Skipping meals will only lead to weight gain. Your brain thinks that it is experiencing hunger, which makes it work in energy-saving mode, which makes burning calories more difficult (ways to reduce belly fat).
  9. Listening to meditative music reduces the chances of developing a brain tumor. Especially helpful are Mozart’s calm melodies.
  10. Two cups of cold water earlier a meal, your metabolism increases to 30%, which is very good for beauty and health. Just drink clean water (preferably melted) and not immediately before a meal, but 15-20 minutes before it or after a couple of hours AFTER.
  11. If you hurt from constant headaches or mental stress, go to bed against the wall and lift your legs against it at a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for 5 minutes.
  12. Sports exercises from half an hour to an hour a day will help you to lose 2.5 kg of fat per week, with moderate nutrition, of course.
  13. Drinking water and Iced Tea during the day will help you sleep well at night. Just do not drink while eating!
  14. Women who walk at a brisk pace every day for an hour reduce their chances of suffering from breast cancer by 15%.
  15. If you have not slept all night, take a nap 15 minutes before the sun. This is a very elegant way to fool the brain, who will believe that you slept.
  16. Having a pet reduces stress, improves mental function, and increases your lifespan. Often the presence of a cat and / or dog in the house saves people from diseases.
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  1. Make every effort to systematically organize your time. The more organized you are, the less likely you are to be affected by Alzheimer’s disease in old age.
  2. The first day of the week determines the patterns of thinking for the rest of the week.
  3. If you wear one pair of shoes, rub alcohol into your feet. This will help treat places that are sensitive to fungi.

We hope our 20 beauty and health tips will be useful to you if you are respectful of your own appearance, take care of your body shape and do not want to grow old.