Savor Your Guests With The Perfect Wedding Wine: 7 Wine Serving Tips!

When the topic of weddings comes up, the visions of meaningful wedding toasts and the fizzy, bubbly champagne often clogs the mind.  But which wine/ champagne would be perfect for your wedding?

With all the important things about a wedding, from flowers to the guest list to the dress, selecting the wine that makes the guests happy and also compliments the bride and groom’s taste is a little daunting.  So, if you are a wine lover and want to incorporate your love and passion of wine into your wedding, here are some expert tips to help you:

Bring A Bit Of Bubbly:

Since weddings are for celebration, you should serve wine that is special to you. You can bring classic champagne-style wine, the bright lemon or the white peach and grapefruit flavor, the choice are yours. If you have more a classic taste, delight your guests with traditional wines.

 Season Or No Season!

Guests appreciate when they are served with various options. If it’s the fall, winter or early spring wedding you can serve red wine. However, for summers, you can pick a white wine to offer a cool effect. But, if you want to select the wine that fits within your menu, and is beyond any season, pick any classic bottle!

Think Of Your Menu:

You don’t have to think of the seasons, to pair great wine, flowers and food. Just pick the menu that carries similar flavors like that of wine. You can incorporate things like wine-theme favors to celebrate the day.

Simply select the flavors, styles and the variety of food you will be serving and ask your corporate catering service to pair the wine with the selected food.

If you want to serve several other kinds of wine,  pick the combination of white and red in your menu.  Some popular food-wine pairs are:

  • With Fish: You can serve Greek wines, or other light versions of white wine goes perfectly with the white wine.
  • Chicken: For chicken, a glass of wine that is medium to light is perfect with it.
  • Beef: A pinot noir or a strong grenache, both of red colors go perfectly with the beef.
  • Pork: Wine’s like White Burgundy will go perfectly with the Pork.

Give Your Guests A Mini Wine Lesson:

You might have seen food stations and dessert station, then why not having a wine station? Set up a mini wine- station where guests would take their drinks and will also get the information about each wine.

You can put up small notes on each wine stating why you have incorporated that particular wine. If you want to offer precise information about each wine, you can even have a wine expert to tell everything.

 Set A Proper Serving Temperature For Your Wine:

An appropriate serving temperature of the wine can make any OK wine to the extraordinary one. So, no matter where your wedding is, is it at cold, snowy mountains or in the hot weathers, serve your wine cold.

Also, make sure to keep your wines away from the sunlight and heat exposure. Moreover, if you are in a hurry and need the chilled wine instantly, store the bottle in the bucket full of equal parts of ice, water and a pinch of salt. Your perfectly chilled wine bottle is ready to serve!

Keep Minimum Heavy Pours:

While heavy flavors are welcome at a bridal shower or other events, in weddings, keep an eye on the flavor and the bottle count. Ask your bartenders and waitstaff to serve properly to maintain the taste of each wine.

Bring Quality Wine:

To serve the best, ask your catering service to bring the high-quality wine that suits your budget. If you are going to wine venues to pick the wine, don’t forget to do a tasting to make sure that the wine perfectly fits in with the menu. So that was it! From menu pairings to the temperature, bring your favorite wine in your wedding and make it a part of the new beginnings!