3 Compelling Reasons to Use Instagram Stories

Reasons to Use Instagram Stories

Have you been thinking about using Instagram stories, but haven’t tried yet, let us give you a nudge!

As its inception, Instagram has been hitting the headlines as one of the most used social media channels. Lately, it has become one of the powerful marketing tools for businesses to expand their visibility and presence in the audience’s eye. It is no surprise that this social media juggernaut has a billion monthly active users, which indeed can help promote your business.

According to stats, 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day in which 1/3rd of the stories are viewed from businesses! This concrete data gives enough reason to use this feature to boost engagement and build brand awareness.

We have covered some other key reasons to get started with your own Instagram stories right now:

It Offers You to Post Content of Your Interest

As a billion people are using Instagram, you can increase your followers using interactive stories. It not only allows you to to post a variety of content but also the freedom to make strong bonds with your followers. You can post anything of your interest without worrying about ruining the “aesthetic” or “theme” of your Instagram feed.

Whether you are initiating a new product/service or desire to give your followers an exclusive behind-the-scenes scenario, consistently posting original content will help your Instagram story look fresh. From promotional photos and fun videos to humorous content, create one that will compel people to come back for more! This will increase your followers count, or you can even buy Instagram followers instantly to connect with more Instafam.

Hashtag Feature Make Instagram Profile More Visible

As a business owner, you should constantly look for new strategies to grow your audience. When you are confused about the most suitable social media platform for business, one of Instagram’s attractions is its stories to make most of the hashtags and refining your shots for more appealing feed. Plus, over recent years, Instagram has introduced many new features to help businesses experience visible growth.

Location tags: Geographic location tags in Instagram Stories make your brand or business more discoverable, both locally and globally. Whether you are tagging a city, a country, or a specific location, it is an effective feature to reach different demographics.

Hashtags: Just like you add a hashtag in your caption and comments, this feature in your Instagram Stories increase the searchability of your content among the Instagram community.

Instagram Stories Grab Audience Attention

The thought behind Instagram Stories is to allow people to share “current updates” of their day quickly and efficiently, whether in the form of photos or videos.

The bonus part- this stays at the top of the home feed for 24 hours, which creates curiosity among your followers to visit quickly, which eventually increase your views. However, to improve your business outreach, you can buy real Instagram followers and have more people connect with your brand.

In addition, Instagram highlights your profile picture forming a circle around that goes with you wherever you comment or post, which is again an indicator that it is available.

Another great feature is you can add your story to your profile page as Highlights, which also gives every new visitor a glimpse of what is your business is about.


Instagram stories are all about making friendly connections with your audience; so, be a creative storyteller that grabs the attention of your prospects. Try to relate with them, understand their needs, discuss blog posts, share ideas with the community, add tutorials or anything that can help your followers in a certain way.

People appreciate originality that makes you distinct from others, and Instagram enables you to show your thoughts and ideas in an engaging way. Document your journey with effective Instagram stories to make your business approachable!