Quick Guide On Merging PDF Files Through PDFBear

Meging Pdf

In case you did not know, PDFBear is an online tool that allows users to edit and convert PDF files. Among the services that it offers is the option to merge PDF files together. This merge PDF tool offers a streamlined process so that any user shall be able to merge PDF without any difficulty. PDFBear also made this merge PDF tool easy to use so that users can merge PDF files in four easy steps!

This article about the PDFBear merge PDF tool shall give you all the reasons you need to make the switch. If you have any task that requires you to merge PDF, PDFBear is undoubtedly the best online tool that you can use. The process is swift and accurate that any user should merge PDF successfully in no time!

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It does not hurt to mention that PDFBear offers this service for free. You simply cannot see this type of service, among other online tools. Some even require you to pay or subscribe to a premium membership to do so. With PDFBear, you will be able to merge PDF files in high-quality without spending a single nickel!

Merge PDF Files In 4 Easy Steps!

Merging PDF files is no difficult task on PDFBear. This merge tool is one of the easiest and quickest ways to combine several files into a single PDF document. It is so easy that the merge tool only requires you four easy steps to combine PDF files successfully! Here are the four sure-fire steps that you need to answer your question about how to merge pdf files free.

The first step of merging PDF files is to upload the PDF files and then drag them to the PDF merger tool. Next, the PDF merger tool will automatically combine and merge your PDF files into a single PDF document. You can also modify your PDF files if you deem necessary. Afterward, press “Combine” when you finished modifying your files.

Finally, you will have a downloadable link to the PDF file that you can save on your computer. You can also download the merged PDF document to your smartphones or share it on your Dropbox or Google Drive.

Supported By All Platforms

Anyone should be able to use the PDF merger tool on any platform they wish. The PDFBear tool is entirely compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and other commonly-used Operating Systems. With this fact, anyone using this PDFBear service should be able to use this merger tool may it be on their PC, Smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

This accessibility and multi-platform support should come in handy whenever you find yourself needing a quick conversion. You should be able to merge PDF files for free no matter where you are may it be on your commute, office, or school. Merge PDF in a hassle-free process with PDFBear anywhere you are as long as you have an Internet connection.

This PDF merger tool is online-based. The merger tool will not be using any capacity or memory on your computer or device. Thanks to a cloud feature, saving your work & merging PDF files is a relatively easy task. 

A Secure & Safe To Use PDF Merger Tool

One of the essential needs of users of online tools is their privacy and the security of their files and documents. PDFBear understands this need and uses a 256-Bit SSL encryption to safeguard those sensitive and highly confidential documents. No other person or anyone with malicious intent will have access to your original files or formatted documents.

PDFBear also deletes any uploaded files to their servers after an hour. No other user will have access and permission to use your files, nor will your files be recycled after your time with the PDF merger tool. For more questions about the security and safety of your documents, PDF, and others, refer to the PDFBear Privacy Policy on their online portal.


No other online tool offers this level of efficiency at a low price. It should cost you relatively nothing compared to other expensive software that offers the same service. The best thing is, PDFBear operates on the same level of quality, efficiency, and accuracy with other expensive software. It should be a no-brainer to rely on PDFBear for any needs about merging PDF files.