9 Emojis That Can Be Used For Medical-Related Situations

With its various selections and purposes, you can find many reasons to use emojis in different fields. The use of emojis is widespread nowadays and even becomes the universal language of the technological world. It makes communication easy without letting users type too long passages to describe what they feel. Using a single emoji available on their keyboard, the recipients will automatically know the sender’s intention or feelings.

The medical field also uses different types of medical emojis to depict any medical-related situation. Even for informing public health, emojis serve multiple purposes. This makes a fast transmission of information and makes the public advisory very clear in just a single glance. Whether you are informing your friend about the current public health or showing them some concern, there are many medical emoji you can use and send. Below are some of those. 


With a red cross sign in the center, this medical establishment emoji is characterized as a symbol of healthcare. It is mostly used in showing illness or informing your recipients that you are staying at the hospital or if you have someone to visit. It is usually accompanied by hospital employee emojis like Woman Health Worker. 

B Button 

B button emoji is characterized as a blood type emoji. This shows a letter “B” placed inside the red square. Keyboard users often use the b emoji with some Hospital emojis to obviously indicate medical-related situations. Aside from medical purposes, the B button also represents a letter grade in a test paper or in a report card, which is usually accompanied by School and Teacher emojis. 

Medical Symbol

This is a pole encircled by a serpent. Medical symbol emoji or known as a Caduceus, is commonly used in the United States to symbolize the medical system. Keyboard users send Medical Symbol emojis together with a Face With Medical Mask emoji to indicate some serious medical situations. 


Pill emoji is a picture of a capsule and often used as an indication for taking medicines. It usually appears when someone is admitted to hospitals because of an illness and needs to take medicines. Some of the keyboard users also used a confounded face emoji to indicate a bitter taste of medicines.

Face Emoji With Medical Mask

This particular emoji depicts the usual scenario of people wearing cloth respirator masks inside the hospital or in any public area. Face with a medical mask emoji often used by people who are scared of getting sick or getting infected with a contagious disease. Employees inside the hospital can also use this emoji as an indication of putting value with their protective gear. 


This is a picture of a standard vehicle with a red cross sign we usually see. The ambulance emoji is often used when someone was injured and needed to run to the hospital. It may also be used in other medical-related problems. It is usually accompanied with a health worker and pill emojis. 

Face With Thermometer

Showing a sad face with a thermometer in its mouth, Face With Thermometer emoji can be used to inform someone about the illness. Any symptoms from high body temperature such as flu, cold, and others can be easily described using this emoji. It is also a symbol of getting sick or tired with someone. 

Woman Health Worker

Woman Health Worker emoji represents women working inside the hospital facility; it could be a nurse, doctor, female therapist, or a surgeon.  She is wearing a stethoscope and a friendly facial expression. This specific emoji varies from hair color and can be used with a Note or Pill emojis. 


Syringe emoji is widely used worldwide for clinical purposes. This emoji depicts that someone is staying in the hospital and needs to be injected. Most health advocates used syringe emoji during World Health Day to remind everyone that they required to have some blood testing every year in order to check their current health. 


Listed above are just some of the medical-related emojis you can use in different situations. There are more emojis you can discover on your keyboard. Some of those can be combined with certain emojis that are also related to the medical context. With the growing population of mobile users who usually use emojis every time they send messages, expect that there will be more creative and more expressive emojis will be introduced.