The Most Useful Medical Records Request Form Templates for Doctors and Patients

A medical records request form pdf is a document that includes all the records by a medical institution, particular doctor, or clinic. Sometimes it happens that you may need copies of all the previously made notes if you are moving to a new place or simply decide to change the medical service and switch to another specialist.

One of the convenient ways to keep your health documents is in a PDF format. The format of a medical records request form PDF allows you to maintain the security of confidential information. All the parties – the medical workers and the patients – can share the document without comprising any danger. The following article explains what the nature of the medical records request form is and how it works.

A mindful medical worker has no right to give away the medical notes of a patient to anyone. It is essential that a person grants permission to share the data. Therefore, a request for medical records form template serves as a means of convenience in doctor-patient cooperation. The file presents a patient signed and submitted document that requests one’s private medical records.

How do people use the file?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the template is not universal for all countries and institutions. Different institutions may offer specific medical record release procedures. As a result, the request for a medical report sample letter may also have slight differences. Thus, it is better to learn about the requirements of your healthcare provider. Nonetheless, the essence of the document remains the same.

Three most useful templates

Every licensed medical institution creates the conditions under which every patient can request his or her personal records. It can be either a report for several years or a recent treatment or regular checkup record. Some hospitals may offer you their unique request forms, or you can use a ready-made medical report sample letter to hasten the process.

There are dozens of medical record form types. Below, you will see which templates are most useful when you need to request medical records. These are as follows:

  • Request letter form – a document written in the form of a letter (a formal one). Also, some people use this form when they need to create a general healthcare report request.

  • Request release form – the most common form that presents a patient’s convention for the release of the health records by the healthcare representatives/doctors to a patient or his family members/authorized representatives. This is a form the medical institutions often use during the process of checking out.

  • Request report form – a type of request template that is useful for patients who want to get a detailed description of the hospital’s representatives’ treatment procedures. Many healthcare institutions utilize this form.

There are some more templates for the request forms; however, these are the most common and useful at the moment.

Structural peculiarities

The medical records release form has two sections: the letter from you addressed to the healthcare authority and a section about your authorization. The first one presents some contact information of a patient such as telephone numbers, alternate names, and also the reason why you need these medical notes.

As for the second section, it is an actual permission you give to a medical provider. The authorization of records’ release part includes the required personal data, contact information, and, most importantly, special authorization to give away your medical records. It is doubly necessary to provide a specific authorization if a person deals with such sensitive health conditions as HIV, addiction, or mental illness.

At the same time, it is not necessarily you who needs the records. In case if you want to hand over private medical records to a particular person, you should note this in the medical records release authorization form. A patient can authorize a family member, healthcare worker, or relatives to access copies of documents.

In a medical report sample letter, you will see two places for your signature: the first and the second sections. A patient is to sign in both of these. In such a way, you give your consent to release personal medical information from a specific institution.

Right after you sign your medical records request form, you give an official consent to release confidential health records. Importantly, do not forget to make copies of the document for yourself before sending a request to release medical records.

Identity verification

Deciding to use a medical records request template makes it easier to reach out to the health institution. Yet, it will take some time for the healthcare provider to verify your identity for the sake of security. All in all, there are three common ways to do this:

  • Any documentation concerned with identification.

  • Vouching

  • Vouching with the confirmed information from the patient’s health notes.

Due to the sensitivity of data, any medical request form should pass two identification forms. Notably, one of these forms should include a photo of a patient. As for the ID documents, these can be a driver’s license, passports, or bank statements. It should be noted, healthcare institutions do not accept bills for the verification of identity.

Use PDF templates for your convenience

Most form templates, as well as the medical records themselves, come in the form of a PDF file. There is a good reason for that: the format allows you to make notes in the documents if you have some questions regarding the diagnosis or treatment procedure/price.

Furthermore, PDF form is an excellent solution if you need a remote consultation first. A safe online consultation is possible while using the PDF file: a doctor can highlight and underline the critical data and discuss it with you remotely. In the times of pandemic, this feature is especially useful for the patients and doctors. Thus, download the most valuable templates and stay healthy!