How to Get Massive Followers on Instagram for Free

How to get Instagram Followers for free

Driving profitable traffic to your business is one of the leading advantages of social media sites. To achieve the advantage, you need to know how to grow and maintain your followers and engagement on the concerned social site. This article will discuss straightforward, proven principles that will help you to gain and maintain massive free Instagram followers without having to pay a penny.

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Principles of Building Substantial Instagram Followers List for Free

There are three principles for building and maintaining a follower list: know, like, andtrust.  The potential follower will know you by your profile. They will like you by the content you share on Instagram. They will then trust you by the way you interact with them. Let’s look at how each principle is applicable.

Principle 1: Know

When you meet someone, either on a social site or a live event, the first thing they will do is to want to know you – who you are and what you do. In this case, when an Instagram user comes across your account, the first thing they will do is visit your profile, see your profile picture and read your bio. This enables them to know you and decide whether they would like to know more about you. Therefore,the very first thing you should do to gain more followers instantly is to create an excellent profile and user bio.

Note that Instagramers are always ready to follow real Instagram users. Therefore, your profile should show your potential follower who you really are and what you do. Here are four essential guidelines to creating a compelling profile.

  • Get a Clear Profile Picture – Ensure your profile picture is of high quality. On a business account, ensure to use a unique, distinguishable image. You can use your business logo. Here, the idea is to ensure the potential followers can identify you quickly.
  • Highlight Your Expertise and Experience – Your bio should highlight your expertise. You may also use your area of expertise as your user name. For example, if you are a football coach, you can use “football coach” as your user name. This enables users interested in your line to find you easily.
  • Include Hashtags on Your Bio – hashtags represent you or your brand in your specific niche. The tags also offer your follower a chance to share your content.
  • Add a Call-to-Action – A call-to-action guides your site visitors. Note that the visitors want to know you before following you. If you are a businessperson, your call-to-action should direct the visitors to a site or content that will help them understand you.

Note that your bio should be precise and to the point. Let your visitors identify your page and know you as soon as they land on your page.

Principle 2: Like

After knowing who you are, your visitors may follow you. Some will want to know the kind of content you post. Therefore, you will need to create content that aligns with your niche. Ensure to share likable content. Note that when your visitors and followers like your posts, they will eventually like you.

Here are tips to driving your visitors and followers to like you.

  • Share Engaging Content – Your content, especially images, should be attractive. The image is the first thing that your followers see. If the image is attractive, they will probably want to read the caption. Ensure the caption is also captivating.
  • Share Content Consistently – Consistent content helps to keep your followers engaged. The visitors may also find interesting content that may attract their interest to you. You may schedule your posts to ensure consistency.
  • Share Content Your Followers Want – Sharing content your followers want helps in maintaining the existing followers. You do not want to lose followers due to posting irrelevant content. Additionally, posting content the followers want influences them to share your content with other users with the same interest.
  • Post on Regular Intervals – While sharing content, it is advisable to be predictable at the intervals you share content. Let your followers know that they will find a new post when they visit your page at a specific time.
  • Use relevant hashtags in your content.

When we talk of content, we refer to both the images and captions for the images. Note that Instagram is a visual-oriented site.

Principle 3: trust

Usually, people trust who they interact with most. When your followers like your post, they will undoubtedly engage with you. To build trust, you will need to interact with them in return. Ensure you answer their questions and comments. That way, they will gradually trust you. You will therefore maintain your followers and increase your chances of converting them to customers.


While Instagram is one of the most popular social sites worldwide, it is essential to utilize its astounding environment, which significantly influences interaction, to grow your business. To ensure you have maximally leveraged Instagram, you need to strive to grow your audience – in this case, the organic free Instagram followers. Executing the discussed principles will significantly influence your success in building a massive follower list.