3 Helpful Tips to Market Your Startup Business on Social Media

Doing business is a good alternative way of earning money. It’ll be of great help to generate more income aside from what you’re earning from your work. If owning and running a startup business is new to you and have just recently explored the technicalities of how it works, you might find various challenges in the first quarter until one year of its inception. 

For a startup business, you need more people to know about what products and services you offer. If this industry is new to you, it might be challenging to choose the most effective strategy to market your business. Hence, the use of social media will be much easier to attract more potential customers or clients.

Read the helpful tips of various marketing strategies below that a novice can try on any social media platform. 

Written Marketing Content 

Choosing a marketing strategy, you have to know your intended audience. Creating written marketing content is an effective marketing strategy designed for people who love to read. People who love reading tend to choose a particular material that they find interesting. Hence, your written content’s creativity will be the next thing you have to explore and learn. 

Write marketing contents that are relevant to people’s lives and still connected to your products or services. If your business sells beauty products, write about the importance and benefits of looking good at all times. Share your ideas to the public about the effects of boosting your self-confidence from using any beauty product. 

After writing your marketing content, you then upload it to your social media accounts. You may convert it from word to pdf so that you can send it via email or attach it in any communication platform of social media like Facebook. In any case that you run out of new ideas of what to write next, you can research the internet and download PDF files that contain contents related to the products and services you offer. 

You can then convert pdfbear pdf to word in case you want to use these pdf articles and apply some revisions and enhancement to them. Just remember to give the proper citation to the article owners to avoid plagiarism. 

Your audience on social media will surely take time to read your written marketing content because they can benefit from it. That’s the fantastic benefit and influence of creating relevant marketing content for your business. Try this strategy to market your business in the future, and it’ll surely give you more customers or clients. 

Video and Infographics Marketing Content

Not all people love to read. These people will be your next target audience for this marketing tool that you can employ for your business. Creating videos is a common strategy to market a service or a product to the public. In fact, the number of vloggers or video bloggers around the world is continuously increasing. It’s a manifestation that most people love something to watch for entertainment, learning, and simply killing time against boredom. 

Creating videos requires a skillset to get the perfect angle, enhance and edit the videos, add special effects, and many other editing options. It’ll be better if you have a high-quality camera, and make sure to add subtitles for your target audience to understand your content. Try visiting any website on the internet to find many video editing apps that you can start with as a novice. 

On the other hand, creating infographics is another content intended for a visual audience. These are the audiences who love any visual arts. Creating infographic or information graphics is best for them. They tend to appreciate it and understand the message of your content. Therefore, both videos and infographics are useful and effective marketing tools to make your products and services reach a wide range of audience. 


Owning and running a business for the first time will surely give you a series of challenges. You have to use various marketing tools for your diverse audience. The marketing tools discussed above are only a few of those things that you can try for your business, but these are the essential tools that a novice can employ to a startup business. If you’re planning to have a new business soon, consider these marketing tools above to help you reach your potential customers and clients.