Top 5 websites for Live Cricket Streaming – Crichd

Watching sports is one of the best leisures that one could ever have. It can relieve stress and sure relief from busy weekdays. But what if you cannot afford to watch your favorite sports personally? Does it mean that you can never have the chance to see your favorite star player? Of course not! With the advancement of technology, it is now possible for you to watch your favorite sports on television or online.
Take a look at the following websites and channels where you can stream cricket and other sports online for FREE.


If you are a fan of cricket, must be on top of your bucket list. A lot of people stream this site since it provides real-time streaming of cricket games for free. If you are a fan of other sports such as hockey, volleyball, baseball, basketball, or golf, also got you covered with its full circle coverage of the world’s top sporting events and leagues.

Aside from the blow-by-blow cricket streaming, Crichd also provides professional sports analytics. Included in the analysis that this site provides to the public are standings, player and team performance figures, statistics, and game schedules.

As of the press time, covers all cricket games in West Indies, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Australia, England, and South Africa. And some of the major T20 cricket leagues that you can stream on are NatWest, CPL, BBL, PSL, and IPL.


Another platform that provides a blow-by-blow coverage of cricket games since 2010 is Watchcric. Due to its comprehensive coverage, Watchcric is deemed to be the channel of the top sporting leagues in the world. In fact, more than 100 leagues are featured in this portal, complete with a battery of stats analysis and fearless game forecasts.


A popular alternative for cricket live streaming. Mobilecric is considered as a modern platform with more interactive interfaces compared to other websites that provide live streaming on cricket games. Aside from the game coverage, stats are also published on the site to keep the public well-informed about the respective standings of different teams. You can also read a lot of articles related to cricket that will surely widen your perspective and appreciation of the said game. The only setback of this platform is that its servers are usually hit by technical bugs that affect its performance and reliability. However, when it comes to providing comprehensive coverage of the cricket world cup, Mobilecric is one of the best alternatives.


This is another multi-server operated platform that hosts live cricket games for free. Unlike other cricket live game platforms, the server of this site is more reliable. In other words, you can stream any cricket game without fear of any signal interruption. Aside from the coverage of cricket games, you can also receive round the clock updates and game schedules through email if you subscribe to Mylivecricket viewers’ email list.


 When it comes to reliability of providing cricket game coverage, HOTSTAR is your best option. This portal does not only offer free cricket game streaming but for other sports as well. And HOTSTAR comes in nine different languages, so it is more inclusive for people who are living on different continents. Another good thing about HOTSTAR is that it fits any gadgets. Thus, whether you are using a computer or just a mobile phone, you can anytime watch your favorite cricket game without lag through the HOTSTAR portal.

Indeed, the digital revolution makes our life comfortable. We don’t need to travel places just to experience the thrill of different sporting events. That is why if you want to relieve your stress and watch cricket, don’t think of buying a ticket. Instead, just take your computer or mobile phone and visit your favorite cricket game live stream provider.