6 Latest Ecommerce Trends to Consider for Your Business

The Ecommerce industry continues to grow. The ongoing pandemic incentivizes people to look for products and services online even more because so many brick and mortar stores and places of businesses had to shut down temporarily. 

Changes in how people shop on the internet lead to the developments of even more ecommerce ventures. If you establish your online store, it might prove to be a great decision and one that will set you with work for the remainder of your life. 

However, many expect the pandemic to be over eventually. Staying competitive in the ecommerce industry can prove hard for some entrepreneurs when people stop spending as much time online.

Keeping up with ecommerce trends is one of the ways to keep your edge and not lose customers. If other online stores get ahead by being the first to introduce new policies and features, catching up can prove too difficult.

Trend #1 – Print on Demand

Print on demand products are becoming more popular. What started with t-shirts has quickly expanded into a bigger industry. Mugs, posters, stickers, hoodies, caps, and, most recently, face masks can make you money. Moreover, putting your brand on custom-made merchandise also works as a tool to raise brand awareness. Wearing and showing off the brand attracts attention from other people and piques their interest.

How much does it cost to print and sell custom t-shirts or other merchandise? Not much, especially if you already have a website and can create a separate product page for custom-made products. 

You have the option to use print on demand products as gifts to your most loyal customers or give them away on social media contests. Given all the benefits that custom-made merchandise offers, it is no surprise to see that more and more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of it.

Trend #2 – Environment

Emphasis on environmental problems is noticeable, and some shoppers claim that they will not bother giving money to companies that are not pro-environment. 

A lot depends on the type of business you have. For example, dropshipping limits your influence because the supplier picks the type of packaging and delivery methods. You have an option to look for a different supplier, but finding someone reliable is not easy.

On the other hand, if you are in charge of every business process, you may want to rethink the strategy if your company harms the environment too much. At the rate global problems are happening, Earth’s sustainability will continue to play a bigger role in the strategy of businesses. 

Trend #3 – Voice Commerce

Siri and Alexa have shown that voice commands can simplify our lives. Voice commerce is still a relatively new concept, but more and more brands are optimizing their store to accommodate those who prefer to shop using their voice. People with disabilities are another group to consider. Providing an option to shop via voice can improve many lives.

Trend #4 – Virtual Reality

Shopping for furniture, decorations, and some clothes on the internet is difficult. People are not that keen to spend money if they cannot see or feel the product. Thankfully, virtual reality technology is improving the situation.

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Some stores are using VR technology that allows customers to enter the store as if they were there in person. It becomes easier to make a decision when you do not have to guess. Yes, there is an argument to be made that you can return a product, but you end up wasting time waiting for the delivery and then having to look for an alternative later.

Trend #5 – Chatbots

A reliable customer support department is a cornerstone of online stores. Customers will have questions about products and services or shipping and return policies. There should be someone who can respond 24/7. 

Relying on a real person is not always an option. That is why chatbots have become the talking point among entrepreneurs. 

Thanks to artificial intelligence, chatbots can absorb information and learn in real-time. While technology cannot replace real humans just yet, it is only a matter of time. And as an online store owner, you would save money by not having to hire customer support workers if there is a chatbot that can respond to customer queries immediately.

Trend #6 – Influencer Marketing

Having a solid marketing strategy is another cornerstone of a thriving business. The most recent trends indicate that influencer marketing is on the rise. People seem to put more faith in influencers rather than big corporations. 

Advertisements on TV, radio, or giant billboards are not as effective because of influencers. Social media plays a prominent role in our everyday lives. Facebook and Instagram have hundreds of millions of active monthly users. And people do not spend just a few minutes there. No, they browse for hours. 

Getting attached to an influencer is simple, especially if they are reliable. As a business, you need to find influencers who have relevant audiences. And do not finish your cooperation after one sponsored post. If you find someone who produces results, maintain a good relationship because you will want to work in the future.