Know Everything About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

How World Can Overcome CORONAVIRUS COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19 has affected almost every country of the world. United States now has become the 1st country in most number of affected people from Coronavirus. Italy with the most number of deaths from COVID-19, France, Spain & Japan with quick spread rate, China being affected first and controlling rapidly but still deaths from COVID-19 are being considered by every country. Now, its time to unite and think beyond politics. One World will be on one Page, a Quick Recovery can be made possible.

President Donald Trump talk to Chian’s President Xi Jinping about COVID-19

President Donald J.Trump in his recent Tweet on Twitter revealed that he has talked with the President of China Xi Jiping and discussed Coronavirus in detail. Trump mentioned that China has now developed a strong understanding on Coronavirus and agreed on working with China to come up with a Solution. This might help the world to overcome COVID-19 quickly.

What is CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 – An Overview

What is exactly Coronavirus? This Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that can easily be spread from an infected person to another. During an investigation conducted in Wuhan, China, amidst of the outbreak, it was identified that the virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus.

According to an investigation, the virus that causes COVID-19 originated from an animal source. However, it is now spreading from person to person very rapidly. It is further stated that the virus spreads between people in close contact with each other, approximately 6 feet or 2 meters. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, the droplets produced could be easily transferred to another person.

Symptoms include the following:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • difficulty in breathing

The worst thing here is the severe complications that are being observed in some patients having pneumonia in both lungs, organ failures and worst, death.

Since the spread of this dreaded disease, negative effects on economies across the world are seen and still getting worse. Some of these are listed below.

Thousands of Flights Worldwide have been canceled

In BBC News report on Coronavirus COVID-19, Thousands of flights worldwide have been cancelled and other operates nearly on empty flights.

  • Ryanair, the largest European budget airline had already stopped its flight services from Friday until April 8, 2020.
  • Norwegian Air canceled thousands of its flights and to make things worse, temporarily lay off more than 7,500 of its staff.
  • EasyJet has already suspended all of its flights from and to Italy from March 10 until April 3.
  • British Airways announced their flight cancellation on all of its Italy routes.

Lockdown or Shutdown of Countries 

  • Wuhan, China where the virus was first detected was in total lockdown since January 23, and as a result, some Wuhan residents are facing food shortages and other household necessities.
  • In Italy, a total lockdown nationwide took effect on March 10, virtually restricting all its 60 million citizens in almost every facet of their lives.
  • Spain has already given the order to its 47 million residents to stay in their homes for at least two weeks or 15 days. It is not yet clear if an extension would be possible in the coming days.
  • France, on the other hand, imposed a total lockdown on Monday, disallowing public meetings or gatherings and even from walking outside! French President Emmanuel Macron warned those people who would violate the full lockdown will be dealt with accordingly.
  • In Poland, its Prime Minister had already announced the banning of foreigners from entering their country as well as the immediate shutdown of casinos, bars, and restaurants.

President Trump is set to announce his decision to close US-Mexico border

U.S President Donald Trump is almost going to Shutdown U.S soon. A recent statement of Trump on Shutdown U.S has just increase chances for shutdown or lockdown of whole country to avoid further spread of Coronavirus. This plan brought fear to many people at valley international bridge. However, the decision of shutting down the border are believed to be of non-essential travel only and not intended for commerce.

Total Death Tolls and Cases

  • Death Cases as of March 19, 2020, GMT – 8,953
  • Coronavirus Cases as of March 19, 2020, GMT – 2019,033
  • Patients who Fully Recovered/Discharged – 84,864

Global Economic Growth Slowdown

  • The slowdown in the manufacturing activity in China was tremendously hit by the virus outbreak. It is already expected that operations in different manufacturing sectors will be taking longer than expected.
  • The reduction in oil demand has produced a negative impact on the oil industry, leaving a significant decrease.
  • Stock market investors are hurting and stock prices in major markets were already brought down.

Displacing established market firms and products.

COVID-19 outbreak has delayed the production of spare parts and other materials that are of utmost importance to many big companies including Apple, carmakers Hyundai and Nissan, and other leading industries worldwide.

How a person can recover successfully once infected by Coronavirus?

Remember that there is no current vaccine or treatment to protect against COVID-19. World Health Organization (WHO) is continuously monitoring the situation since Coronavirus COVID-19’s first case detection and has taken the following actions with the help of national authorities and technical partners.

  • Identification and follow up of closed contacts of confirmed cases.
  • Updated surveillance recommendation to guide clinicians in determining patients that should undergo laboratory testing.
  • To gain a better understanding of the coronavirus, WHO continuously works with international partners to provide updated information to all.

Things to do to prevent the spread of Coronavirus

  • At this moment, the best and most effective way in preventing the spread of the infection is to avoid contact with people suspected of having symptoms, regardless of respiratory infection.
  • The Coronavirus is large, so any mask prevents its entry.
  • Washing your hands with soap and water well will do the trick.
  • Coronavirus, when it falls on fabric, stays 9 hours. So washing your clothes and exposing them to the sun for at least two hours is enough to kill the virus.
  • Having an on-hand alcohol sanitizer is enough to prevent the virus in your hands.
  • Drinking hot water and exposure to the sun is good enough since the virus will be killed when it is exposed to a temperature of 26-27°C.

And if ever you are diagnosed with COVID-19, remain calm and follow your doctor’s instructions for your fast recovery and from spreading the coronavirus infection to others.