Interesting Facts about Custom Log Cabins and Log Homes

Facts about Custom Log Cabins and Log Homes

According to written records, it is said that back in the mid-1600s the first log cabins may have been built by the North Americans, which was a Swedish colony. Back then, they did not have any modern tools so they built these structures craftily with simple round logs cut precisely and almost stuck together like puzzle pieces put together and this was a very steady and rigged structure that guarded the inhabitants against all the different seasons.

Log cabins required very little building resources because it’s so close to nature, all you need are trees and of course something to chop the wood into sizeable pieces. The good thing about this is you may not even need nails if you do it right. In the olden days, log cabins were simple one or 2 rooms with a fireplace, a small kitchen with a stove and a deck. Nowadays log cabins and log homes are becoming more of a lifestyle than a necessity. People buy log cabins in the mountains and Ski resorts all over America and Europe for holidays and seasonal breaks with their family.

Some known Facts about Log Cabins and Log Homes:

  • Emigrants built the first log cabins in America. They came from Finland and Sweden. And have been in their countries already for hundreds of years, so they brought the idea over to the USA.
  • Log homes usually come in various types. Hybrids, timber frames, beams or posts, and Full scribes. Full scribe has the traditional look and feels where the logs are stacked making it stronger once completed. The post and beam are the most popular and widespread ones, which usually comprise of vertical beams, and the location of your log home is of utmost importance in this design. Last but not least, the timber frame which is slightly similar to the post and beam, which is also a Hybrid log home is also held up by vertical posts. These homes are very energy-efficient. If you’re interested in building your own click here.
  • You can build a simple log cabin in a matter of a week if done right and without any help.
  • Log Cabins and Log homes doors were built south-facing, which catered for the sun to come in for the most part of the day and keep the cabins warm. But they also have fireplaces for the cold winter evenings, to keep them warm.
  • Possibly one of the eco-friendliest ways to build a home, and if it doesn’t require clearing the land on purpose, even better.
  • They often made the roofs high enough to cater to a small attic to sleep in.
  • The difference between Log homes and Log cabins is that log homes are usually built by assembling the logs in a horizontal and vertical fashion.

Log cabins can last anything between 30 to 50 years if treated well. Due to weather changes in different continents. Depending on which one you live in and where. Maintenance usually is needed every 5 years or so i.e. checking that everything is still in good condition or if anything needs to be replaced.

Facts about log cabins and log homes

Holiday Accommodations

Holiday accommodations come in different shapes and sizes. Let’s look at a few of the different types. There’s one for everyone:

Holiday cottage

This type of popular accommodation for holiday purposes is usually a small house, created on the traditional side i.e. it’s interior and exteriors are made accordingly. They are mainly built in rural locations as a hideout from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Log cabins and log homes

Popular in Canada, USA, Europe, and some Asian countries. While holiday log cabins and log homes were previously (decades ago) connected with poor lifestyle, especially in many books and novels and folk tales. These types of cabins have become increasingly luxurious with similarities to five-star hotels, and cater to all your needs. These are possible the eco-friendliest houses you can build or stay in. and who wouldn’t love a bit of nature surrounding them every once in a while? You can even get your own custom made one or shift through portfolios of existing designs to choose from log homes pictures interior.


As the name predicts, mansions are usually much bigger houses than a normal-sized house, which caters for the entire family and also the extended families or groups of people. They accommodate activities like swimming pools or inside bars and entertainment theatres or billiard tables and all things that are fun. Some of them have gyms with saunas and Jacuzzis as well. They are mainly built for rest and relaxation but also for entertainment and activities to suit all ages.

Holiday chalet

Similar to log cabins, because they are mainly built on mountains or hilltops. Formerly the distinctive dwelling for cattle herders in France and Switzerland. This type of accommodation has also become a widespread style of a holiday home that can be found in some parts of the United Kingdom.

Country homes

Also, another kind of accommodation used to be a stable house where families lived in, and some still do. But these have also begun to derive a reputation of their one of being a good holiday accommodation to stay in. originated by the wealthy English and a symbol of status i.e. wealthy status. But have now become a major part of the tourist accommodation attraction.


Holiday resorts are usually built-in warm climates and countries that have beaches and year-round sunshine or warm weather. They are usually built near the beaches or water sources where people can swim and lay in the sun. you get different varieties of these from 2 stars to 5-star accommodations depending on what kind of facilities you are looking for and if it’s just for you and a friend or for your whole family, the options are endless and the fun is unstoppable. From gold resorts to island resorts or even lake resorts.