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HR Certifications

Widely Acknowledged Human Resources Certifications

Certifications are the best move for a newly started career. Braindumps Certifications give the opportunity to advance and strive in the competitive world by demonstrating that you have updated and latest knowledge about current practices in the market and are able to meet the existing and new challenges. Human resource certifications are career long commitment which demonstrate to all your colleagues and employers that you have advanced and exceptional skills of human resources and that you are truly dedicated towards your profession. Before earning human resource certifications, one should meet the given criteria and fulfill all the requirements. This often includes having basic knowledge about HR principles and terminology. To keep the certifications fresh, candidates have to recertify after the given specific period.

Human Resource Certifications set a Professional apart

  • Human resource certifications increase the weightage of resume and make the candidate more desirable among other job applicants
  • HR certifications make the organizations earn more recognition in the market
  • Certifications make a professional connected to top and qualified HR experts and professionals around the world
  • HR certification broadens the knowledge and makes a professional much competitive
  • Demonstrate expertise
  • Enhance incomes and increases the chances of pay raise and job promotions
  • Pave the path towards greater and advanced career opportunities

Popular Human Resource Certifications

HRCI (human resource certifications institute) offers renowned accreditation and certifications to HR professionals in various HR domains. These certifications attempt to create a pool of qualified HR experts and professionals with advanced and mastered skills. HRCI offers six certifications in Human Resources which are acknowledged worldwide. These certifications are:

  • PHR (professional in Human resources)
  • SPHR (senior professional in human resources)
  • GPHR (global professional in human resources)
  • PHR-CA & SPHR-CA (California certification)
  • HRMP (human resource management professional)
  • HRBP (human resource business professional)

Among these certifications, everyone must have heard about PHR, SPHR, and GPHR certifications as they are the most commonly earned HR certifications. But more valuable are PHR-CA, SPHR-CA, HRMP, and HRBP certifications with which many people are not familiar

PHR-CA & SPHR-CA (California Certification)

These certifications are designed for HR experts and professionals who hold SPHR and PHR certifications and have enough knowledge about HR principles, regulations, and legal practices prevailing in California. The certification exam addresses HR laws and regulations and does not verify the skills and topics encompassed by SPHR and PHR exam.

HRMP (Human Resource Management Professional)

The HRMP (human resource management professional) is a well renowned certification which is designed to test the key management skills and knowledge of human resources. Individuals who earn HRMP certification demonstrate their ability of largely accepted human resources principles in policy and strategy formulation. This certification increase the HR professional’s credibility and allow them to enjoy an elevated status in the professional market.

HRBP (Human Resource Business Professional)

HRBP certification is another popular and highly valuable HR certification which is designed to confirm the key professional HR skills. The HRBP certification demonstrates a person’s advanced skills related to HR principles at an operational level which are widely accepted and practiced in majority of businesses and organizations.