How to Recover Faster from a Heart Surgery

If you are part of a heart surgery you would want to be at the other hand. A speedy recovery on all counts. In fact the recovery phase among each patient tends to vary a lot. In order to shorten down the recovery time, you need to be aware of the post operative care after surgery. You need to understand the factors which shorten the recovery phase and work towards overcoming them. All this goes on to make a big difference.

How to figure out the recovery time once surgery is over?

If you are thinking on the lines of a heart surgery, then do ask the doctor tips on how to improve your health. All these efforts can go on to shorten the recovery time. As with the case of heart surgery there are some important points to consider

  • The most important point in the recovery phase would be how healthy you are before the surgery took place. For someone who has been sick will take a longer time to recover in comparison to a person who is relatively sound health before the surgery
  • If you are overweight or smoke then more problem is in store. Do work on these issues before you plan for a surgery.
  • The type of surgery which you need to undergo has a role to play as well. once the surgery is over the recovery phase starts. It all depends upon the type of surgery you would need to take. So based on this your hospital time is determined as well. It is quite possible that you would need to stay in the ICU for a few days after the surgery. Here you will be getting out of bed in a slow manner and your levels of activity will be increasing on a day to day basis.

The healing procedure

In majority of cases close to 80 % of healing does take place in the first couple of weeks after surgery. At this point of time you will be part of rehab plans in order to increase the levels of activity. It is very important to increase activity levels slowly and steadily as the recovery phase is 6 weeks after surgery. Ideally you would want to do things at a fast pace, but you will find that you would need to stop in between. A desired level of rest would be something that you need to consider seriously. Do listen to your body and do not push it which could lead to further round of complications.

As far as resumption of activities is concerned it is better to listen to your doctor. For example in order to opt for cycling you would need close to 6 weeks. The main reason would be that the breast bone needs to heal. Do talk to your doctor if you are planning to drive.

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