How To Leverage The Power Of Social Media To Sell Luxury Real Estate

There was a time when selling real estate meant making a lot of phone calls, meeting a lot of people and taking people on a lot of tours. But ever since the age of social media started, things have taken on a different turn. There are no more boundaries now. People living in Malaysia might buy a property in America or vice versa. More and more people are using their smartphones to look up real estate listings, prices, recommendations and agents. In this day and age if you want to know how to become a luxury real estate agent or any type of real estate agent, then one of the first things you need to do is to harness the mind-boggling power of the social media.

Using social media to market your product is tough – but it is tougher still for real estate agents and firms. With so much information available for the buyers and the sellers on the internet, it is really tricky to sell properties, especially luxury properties, on social media. Nobody makes rash decisions on social media. If you think that people are just going to read some of your tweets, or look at your Facebook post and immediately send you a check for the down payment, then you are sadly mistaken.

But if you use social media platforms just right, you may wind up with a booming business and a long list of clients who are loyal to you and you alone.

Why Use Social Media In The First Place

If you want to learn how to become a luxury real estate agent, do you really need social media? Let’s face it, there are a plethora of marketing strategies for you to choose from. And it’s not like they aren’t successful. So why should you spend time drafting and then managing a strategy for social media marketing?

According to statistics, 44% of homebuyers are using the internet to look for properties. So if you don’t want to lose almost half of the homebuyer market, then you need to make social media marketing a priority. People go on the internet to do lots of things like referrals, looking for homes and comparing prices and agents. If you are not visible to this market then you are missing out in a major way.

Create Your Goals

Now that you are convinced to integrate social media into your marketing strategies, let’s look at the thing you need to do first and foremost. Make your Goals. Also known as your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), goals help you know exactly what you want from your social media marketing strategies. What are you actually planning to use the platforms for:

  • Brand Visibility
  • Increase traffic to your website or forum or facebook page
  • Increase the number of followers you have
  • Increase the level of engagement of customers
  • Generate more inquiries or sales

First come up with your goal, and then work your way back to the start. This way you will have a sound strategy that will give you the result that you want.

Keep A Current And Up To Date Profile

When we’re talking about social media platforms, it is all about visibility. Make sure that your name or your brand is completely visible to people who are your target audience. One of the things that comes under visibility is you profile. Make sure that you have all your relevant information on your profile for everyone to see. It’s a clear enough point, right? You have no idea how many real estate agents and companies are out there that have overlooked this aspect. No means of contact means losing potential customers.

Make sure that you have the following data up to date and visible:

  • All contact details
  • Addresses
  • Current photo
  • Website URL

This way the audience can connect with you whenever they want. They can contact you, learn about you and your business and ask queries.

If you want to look more willing, then share your business details with them. Let them know that you know what you’re talking about.

Use Graphics And Videos To Your Advantage

97% of marketers say that using videos have helped increase user understanding of their services or products. 76% said that it resulted in a direct increase in their sales while 76% said that using videos increased the number of queries that they received from potential visitors. So how would you like to cater to 97% of the market?

What you have to do is to find out how many ways you can use videos to your advantage. You can use Instagram stories, Facebook Live video, Snapchat stories, Youtube videos among other things.

Take Pride In Your Reviews

62% of buyers said that they are more willing to contact an agent if they have excellent reviews. Use the power of reviews and take pride in your work as your clients talk about you online.

Well, here it is. If you are really trying to learn how to become a luxury real estate agent, then you have to set your priorities right and use social media while you still have the time.